Interviewing HR Manager Agnieszka Chowdhury 2

Interviewing HR Manager Agnieszka Chowdhury

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Can you detail the positive steps Altenar has taken to expand its Malta office and how much the office will increase in size?


Expanding the business is a complex and dynamic process. Such a move takes a lot of time, resources and energy. A lot of teams are involved in such a process.

Last but not least comes a need for increased staff and a higher volume of work for HRs.  We as a company believe in people, they dictate where we are right now and where we will be in the next few years. They are the greatest asset and it is important not only to bring new people in but to take care of those we already have. Providing employees with training and tools they need to be successful in their jobs and challenge them personally and professionally. 


Will the new office create new jobs at Altenar? If so, fr om a recruitment perspective, what will be your approach to filling those roles?


We are constantly improving our hiring processes to attract and hire the best and brightest talents. Steps such as advertising new roles, vetting candidates, employee onboarding and training, as well as developing competitive compensation packages and benefits programs to attract qualified employees are important. A solid hiring process will eventually result in a better pool of potential employees who are both qualified and a good fit into the company. Employer branding is a popular phrase nowadays that you hear it more often, but a strong employer identity has a significant impact on the effective hiring process. Knowing how important the employer branding is, we concentrate more on being recognizable not only for the products we sell but also for the perceived value and quality of our brand. 


Are there any areas of recruitment we can draw attention to in particular?

Not every job has the same requirements. Different types of recruitment methods can be used, depending on the role. For example, you will not use the same advertising platforms and methods to fill the Admin role and the Director of Sales position. Using the right method of advertising helps attract suitable candidates. We understand how important and time-consuming recruitment is and we are lucky to have our HR teams based in other offices that work closely to make sure that we have the best hiring processes in place.


Can you please supply an approximate headcount as to how much you plan to expand the team with this new space?

With the new office, our capacity has increased at least double. We have added not only a new working place but also meeting rooms, break areas and communal spaces to create a great employees’ working environment. However, we do recognize the importance of giving flexibility to our employees whether they wish to work from the office or remotely, obviously up to the certain required degree of in-person interaction. It is a great success of the company as we have created a fantastic company culture wh ere our employees prefer to come to the office not because they have to but because they choose to work fr om the office environment.


Will the new office allow you to better address the needs of your partners? How so?


Office space plays a vital role in collaboration, improving productivity and well-being of all employees. Creating an environment wh ere employees can work, relax and collaborate will have a significant increase in employee morale and loyalty. This will definitely better address the needs of partners and will have a significant impact on a great and healthy company culture.


In what ways will this new base contribute to Altenar’s sustained commitment to product innovation?


Innovation is a team effort. There is no doubt about it that people are crucial for the success of product innovation. If the company wants to grow and exist in the long term, I believe we need to commit to sustainability by engaging and encouraging current employees and attracting new talents. It is a complex process that involves the effort of every leader, manager, and employee. Speaking of the capabilities of employees, it is obvious that we need to get the right people first. Once we have the best people to do their jobs, we need to invest in training and developing them. Again, innovation is a team activity that requires everyone engaged in doing a better job every day to create and deliver great products to the market.


How is this office set to factor into Altenar’s worldwide roadmap for continued growth?


Altenar wants to be a stronger-performing worldwide business in the future, therefore we commit to innovation and sustainability as we believe it goes in parallel. Creating technologies of tomorrow through daily challenges, systematic developments and highly engaged employees who strive for excellence will help us grow and exist in the long term. 


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