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Betting Insights Into The 2022 World Cup With Altenar’s Regional Manager Francesco Papallo

Speaking with Altenar’s Regional Director, Francesco Papallo, it became clear that the buzz around the 2022 World Cup has stirred up fans, bettors and football fanatics alike.

The interesting phenomenon around football/soccer has a long-entrenched history throughout the world and so it’s no surprise that Altenar, a sportsbook software provider, is expecting bets-galore after the downtime caused by the pandemic. 

Francesco had some unique insights into the world of betting during such large events as the World Cup, and despite Italy not qualifying for this year's tournament, the country of football lovers will certainly be taking part in the betting aspect.

Francesco had the following to say during his interview … 

With the World Cup fast approaching, what effect do you think this will have on betting numbers?

The 2022 world cup will be a special event as it will be played during the Christmas period, it will be a new experience, and we will see if this will involve users interested in this World Cup, but I think it will be positive from the point of view of numbers.

How does the Italian betting market respond to the world cup?

So, Italy for the second consecutive year did not qualify for this tournament. Still, the Italian people as football lovers will certainly be involved and will have their favourite team among those participating.

Is Altenar prepared for such a large event?

In Altenar we will have some important news like the many Outrights Special explicitly created for the competition. Some of these will be "fun" games exclusively for fun with the possibility of winning fair amounts. Live matches and streaming will also make it one of the best experiences.

Will the industry see a greater influx in betting activity during this world cup, as the first post-pandemic?

We have currently witnessed a rapid recovery in the betting market after covid. The World Cup will be the proof that this is an ever-growing market where sportsbook suppliers will be increasingly competitive with cutting-edge technologies.

Altenar aims to offer one of the best user experiences even in this competition at the end of 2022.

You can discover more on Altenar in the Italian betting landscape by contacting the team today!

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