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Do Your Players Apply The Large Number Theory When Betting? | Altenar

The theory of large numbers suggests that a repeatable event will have an average result that’s closer to the mean; if a team majoritively wins a bettor will assume this is most likely to occur more times than a loss. 

 Altenar, a sportsbook software provider, sees that this law helps to protect your bettors from the blind betting trend and can increase player retention rates for operators as a result. 

 As bettors are increasingly concerned with research and analytics when it comes to their betting patterns, the theory of large numbers employs these skill sets and promotes games and events that are popular around the world, like football, basketball, cricket and more. All of which are offered to players through Altenar's software solutions. 

 With the supposed advantage of this type of theory, where a player believes their bet is a winning ticket, they are likely to enjoy the process of betting and revel in the entertainment factor of iGaming. 

 You can discover more about bettor psychology by visiting Altenar's blog, which details how bettors place bets, what an operator can do to achieve higher retention rates and you can discover all-things Altenar from case studies to operating countries. 

 Start your sportsbook journey today with Altenar! 

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