How Do They Do It? 55 Years Of Growth And Prosperity For Golden Palace In Light of Their Altenar Sponsored GI Huddle Interview

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As Golden Palace celebrates its countlessly successful years on the in-land and online gaming market, the industry shone a light on the Belgium-based casino and sportsbook company that has triumphantly created entertainment for bettors and consumers for over 55 years. 

This longevity in an ever-changing market is a testament to the people behind Golden Palace, who have promoted and oozed the ‘family feel’ notion and mantra that permeates the company to this day, all the while, including bettors into this white-picket-fence feeling. Within this magnitude and time on the gaming market, Golden Palace has created a name for themselves and in doing so, have bolstered their opinions, industry knowledge and their ability to understand industry nuance and trends to the forefront of industry influence. 

For this reason, Altenar aimed to showcase this brilliance on Golden Palace’s anniversary, which resulted in a Gambling Insider Huddle spot, where Editor Tim Poole discussed the underpinnings, history, company feel and industry know-how with Golden Palace representative Didier De Swert the Digital Product Specialist for GP.  

There were many standout moments of this interview which highlighted Golden Palaces tremendous hunger to keep creating and building on those strong foundations conceived over 50 years ago, and Didier explains that Altenar’s sportsbook product has propelled and supported the iGaming vehicle of Golden Palace which celebrates its tenth anniversary this year, alongside it’s conception anniversary.

Didier spoke on Altenar’s sports betting software, saying ‘We (Golden Palace) really do believe the product is awesome.’ As the Interview continued, Tim discussed the reasons why Golden Palace had chosen Altenar to further their historically successful blueprint to the emerging and somewhat evergreen market of iGaming, and Didier explained the lengthy process of choosing the right sportsbook software provider. 

In line with Golden Palace, whose success could be partially attributed to their ‘continuous search for something new, we’re always looking for new ways to get players involved,’ Didier spoke on how Altenar were eventually chosen for Golden Palace and it was in the bread-and-butter, homegrown feeling that Altenar shares with GP. 

Having ‘offered much deeper bettor analysis and a dynamic, innovative and reactive approach to business, Altenar were the company finding solutions, working inside constructive methods and ultimately offering us everything on our wish list, essentially.’ In the somewhat bite-sized explanation, Didier encapsulates the prevailing notion, opinion and overall industry-known concept of who Altenar, the sportsbook software provider are. 

In line with this, Altenar offered Golden Palace the opportunity to uphold their long-standing notion and belief that gaming should always be fun, as opposed to a means-to-an-end where money might be concerned. Under a greater understanding and lean towards safer gaming, Altenar was a stand out for Golden Palace who share the same belief system. 

Didier explained, ‘you have to play for the right reasons, for your amusement and your joy, to simply have fun!’ Didier went on to note that safe gaming was always the star performer for Golden Palace where they institute ‘a system of contacting bettors if they appear to be betting too much, in the instance where bets-placed has risen out of the players normal patterns or bets are rising in general’. 

This is where Altenar’s risk management systems and manual-aspect backend came into play and helped Golden Palace to institute these safer gaming concerns and solutions with ease to their online platform. 

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