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How Altenar’s Trading Reports Upgrades Its Client Segmentation Process & Benefits Operating Partners | Liability Tools & User Profiles

To increase usability, report building and liability functions within its sportsbook environment, Altenar, a leading sports betting provider, is upgrading its liability tool and user profiles within its trading reports. 

The implementation of this upgrade will bring with it a host of benefits for Altenar’s operating partners; a standout function of the tool is that it will allow operators to know the specific outcome (gains & losses) of specific events, to preempt any losses and gains via real-time ingenuity through the usage of Big Data, Machine Learning, real-time data processing and applying a data-driven-decision approach. 

This live liability will grant operators access to a must-have tool that improves efficiency, as it can demonstrate where operators should add promotions to increase traffic to specific events and draw more players to leagues that might lack such traffic. 

Additionally, the trading reports will see an upgrade for its user profiles section, which allows the operator access to improved tracking of suspicious activity, and the types of bets preferred by their players and allow operators to promote certain events where they will see the highest returns.  

Determining key demographics and statistics can bolster an operator’s content offering as you’ll develop a keener sense of what is desired and liked by players.

The user profiles will allow Altenar’s segmentation team to quickly assess problem gamers from professional gamers, which promotes the need for safer gaming practises to be put into place for markets like Bulgaria for instance. 

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