How Altenar’s Head of Corporate IT, Suzanne Borg, Implements Must-Have Processes To Expand & Improve A Client-Centric Experience | Inside Altenar

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Speaking with Altenar’s Head of Corporate IT, Suzanne Borg, a day after she celebrated her first year at Altenar, the depth of Altenar’s grip and usage of forward-thinking, knowledge-base-building and inclusive technologies sank in. 

The sportsbook provider’s technology not only helps to promote a potentially immaculate end-user experience it also implements the necessity of internal and company-wide IT infrastructures and systems that are uniformly accessible and understandable while being robust and complex to handle the scaling of the business.

Suzanne’s passion for her subject shone through as Suzanne and her team are responsible for the ‘information, communication and technology used at Altenar.'

Below you will find the full interview with Suzanne who is one of the must-have backbones of Altenar’s internal IT team and as a result, a must-have contributor to the award-winning sportsbook solutions.

What does your job at Altenar entail?

Yesterday was my first Altenar anniversary and the journey so far has been great!  My role as a Head of Corporate IT is to manage a team of systems’ administrators located across different geographical areas which together we are responsible for the information, communication and technology used at Altenar.” 

As a team, our main objective is to provide the best avantgarde solutions (both hardware and software) using the latest technologies. The team is also responsible to provide an efficient users’ support service to all our employees.  The implementation of different tooling, improving internal processes as well as processes with our clients.” 


How do Altenar’s internal operations ensure that our products are of the highest quality for customers?

This year we would like to focus on improving our Customer Relationship Management process and system which will help us in visualising a Customer 360 view.  This project is very interesting and it involves a lot of stakeholders from different departments across the business.” 

The customer is always at the centre of each discussion during this project analysis and will also be part of the implementation journey.  The aim of this project is to improve the customer experience and internal stakeholders have a single source of truth which can help to provide a better customer service.” 

Last year we also implemented the Zendesk helpdesk system, which improved the methods of communication provided to our customers.“ 

How did you get into IT/Tech? 

From a young age, I was always curious about technology and finding different solutions to a problem was something that excited me.  I used to enjoy experimenting on the first computer system that my parents bought for home.

I started studying Information Technology at school, and I immediately knew that this area is something which I would like to pursue and build my career on.  At that time, women in IT were not very common.  But this did not stop me from continuing my studies and finding my first job in the aviation industry.

You appear to enjoy learning something new and building on yourself and your skills? How has this passion of yours positively affected your role at Altenar?


Working in the IT sector, learning is an ongoing process.  In my role, I need to continue building up my skills both from a technical perspective and also managerial and soft skills.  Sometimes, I feel like learning something different, which can be a bit more fun and out of my routine and line of work.

Last year I did a Diploma in Digital Marketing, which helped me to understand social media and search engine optimisation in more detail, apart from other aspects of the course.  This year I am interested in doing a beginners course in photography.”   

What prepared you for this role and why do you believe you and your team are so successful in the daily tasks / yearly goals?

The iGaming sector is a very dynamic and fast-paced industry, so adapting to change quickly is a key trait worth having.  The team works continuously to understand the business requirements and translating them into technical specifications and action items, which is part of our day to day work.” 

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