Altenar: Outstanding 2022 Provides Springboard To 2023

Altenar: Outstanding 2022 Provides Springboard To 2023

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Altenar: Outstanding 2022 Provides Springboard To 2023

Last year proved to be a breakthrough one for Altenar. Growth in all parts of the business has epitomised the incredible work that continues at the world-leading sportsbook provider.

With the keys to success being attributed to a number of different factors, we sat down with Altenar’s Sales Manager, Alejandro Cazorla, to discuss why 2022 was such a landmark year for the business and what 2023 could hold. Read on to find out more…

To kick things off - Altenar had an outstanding 2022, can you talk us through last year’s highlights?

2022 was an amazing year. Our achievements came through hard work, staying dynamic, employing a growing team, overcoming challenges, and keeping the quality in everything we do.

An example of this is experiencing company-wide certification, new office spaces and global regions. With new clients and new hires, Altenar grew the company (employees) by 38% throughout the year, increasing sales by 70% at the same time, and a 75% increase in new users on our platforms. This was all achieved alongside launching new features and products. 

What do you believe has been key to 2022’s success?

Our people! It’s undeniable that the results we’ve experienced have been the direct measure of their dedication, not only to Altenar but to their progression and interests in new projects, builds and new territories to delve into. 

A great success example of this has been the full migration of our clients to our SB2 platform, which has doubled the number of bets placed. Thanks to this, we created a new department that monitors and builds the Altenar Data Feed where we can consume official scouting data and price betting markets accordingly.

Our native mobile app is also a project that was a proof of concept at the beginning of 2022, and the creation of the Altenar Intelligence Platform (AIP) will deliver high-impact analytics and insights. Altenar also released its new front end which is designed/built fr om widget technology and this is merely the tip of the iceberg for us this year. 

Looking to 2023 – wh ere have you got your eye on and which markets do you believe will be key to sports betting’s continued expansion?

We will be looking to expand our footprint across the Netherlands, Germany, Denmark, Romania, the UK, Spain, Portugal, Italy and Canada. 

So, Europe is a key focus for us over the next 12 months, but we believe giant strides will be made across Canada, so we are excited about the prospect of accessing that region.

On the subject of the Balkans – the market has plenty of factors that can make it a success, what are the main drivers for this?

There’s a lot of appeal for iGaming, especially as many countries throughout the Balkans allow reputable companies to enter the space with the correct licensing that is often the same as other European countries. This regulation and call for gaming are two of the main drivers for success in this region.

Last but not least in the Netherlands, how do you see the latest regulatory measures shaping up and how will that affect operators’ approach?

Operators will need a very flexible approach for the Netherlands, but this changing regulatory scape is a positive as it enables greater attention to safer gaming and players. It also offers providers like us the opportunity to grow as we adapt to the market requirements, whether that’s through the technology in our solutions or what features/content we can offer.

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