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Getting To The Realisation Of The Responsible Gambling Concept | Altenar On Data & Gambler Protection

Altenar, an IBIA member and sports betting software provider, is looking into how data and gambler protection will increase over time, with insights from Altenar’s Marina  Zacharopoulou, the provider’s Technical Compliance Manager. With a career and background in artificial intelligence, law and applying global best-practices to the sports betting industry her insights on this topic are a must-read. 

Marina mused, “Gambler protection. A common phrase we hear in the industry is that ‘EU gambling regulation has not succeeded’. I would not say that, instead I would say that most probably we just have much more work to do.” 

Continuing to say, “The European Gaming and Betting Association (EGBA) has made many steps towards the creation of a compliance framework which should be respected and followed in order to protect individuals who bet. Overall the framework consists of five 5 activities which are: the data mapping, the lawful basis, the risk assessment, the documentation and the continuous review and  assessment.”

Marina explained, “Everything leads to the realisation of the concept of responsible gambling.  We need to respect responsible gambling standards, legal acts, directives, and at the same time we need informed gamblers & bettors who will decide in the end whether they will gamble on not in an always secured environment where they do not feel threatened by potential data leaks.”

What Is Vital To The Success Of iGaming Regulation?

Marina added, “I would call this interference an organised circle of interaction between authorities, operators, suppliers and bettors.  Their interaction is not only crucial, it is vital for a secured gambling framework. Let us not forget that in the field of gambling everything is about data-a large scale processing of data . We are dealing with a huge amount of regulatory data which shape the whole industry and we need strategies in order to protect all the involved parties.”  

So, how does Altenar aim to incorporate and spearhead in this space?

Marina adds, “This  is why Altenar is aiming at creating a human-centred & ethical approach in the industry. Having humans in the centre of the industry we commit ourselves to creating an ethical and protective environment for our clients and our people.” 

You can discover more about Altenar and how the sportsbook provider can benefit your online business by contacting the team today.

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