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Altenar’s AIP 2022 Highlights & Success From Automation Engineering To Data Analytics

As we welcome the start of another year and celebrate with those around us it’s prudent to look back at the achievements that have made countless players around the world enjoy their favourite pastime of sports betting! 

Altenar, a sportsbook software provider, took the time to demonstrate its 2022 year in summary and noted some milestone achievements for the betting solutions provider. 

One of the first stand-out moments was the build of what has been coined a ‘data analyst playground’ that introduces Big Data analytics as a service to Altenar. As the architecture curated by Altenar’s Antonio Cacciotti takes shape, the team is closer than ever to an agile big data analytics platform. 

With the help and dedication of Arturs Obolevic, Altenar is growing an understanding of data application behaviour in production. An example of this success would be throughout the 2022 World Cup, where the first production test of AIP technology took place. Being instrumental in understanding what it takes to maintain streaming applications in high-volume production environments. (Handling millions of bets per day)

Aiming to deliver a stable and flexible liability report for all skins in quarter one of 2023. 


Altenar continued to achieve throughout 2022 with a first test case for back-office reporting, with thanks to Isabel Lostantos Neccochea taking the first steps towards this agile back-office reporting where a click-of-a-button approach was harnessed to deliver the profitability report in airflow, after being iterated over several development frameworks. 

Altenar’s Darren Willenberg and Konstantinos Doxiadis have completed the first steps towards enhancing operational decision-making with data. This project aims to help the trading team by identifying common “abusive” patterns and creating real-time notifications about them.


You can discover more about Altenar, its technologies and how it can curate your desired sportsbook solution for you by contacting the team today or visiting Altenar at one of the many 2023 global expos they will be attending. 

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