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Getting Closer To Altenar: The Many Faces Of The Sports Betting Provider

Domenico Mazzola, Commercial Director at Altenar offers us a closer look at the people and ideas which have contributed to the provider’s company culture, and how this has helped solidify its status as a ‘sports betting powerhouse’.

Many people, businesses and the great minds behind the iGaming industry will know the blue light of Altenar’s booths and the catchy, if not, somewhat liveable mantra of its slogan ‘stability meets flexibility’. Though that’s tremendous, many people want to know who are the team, minds and professionals that underpin the sports betting software provider, Altenar, and do their passions far extend that of iGaming and sportsbook software? 

Knowing the faces of a company not only creates a personalised experience but enables you to decide whether or not their product is right for you. In terms of the work place, this is called a culture fit and in terms of humans this is called a friendship and this is the reported feeling many clients receive when working with the sportsbook provider. 

Though, it’s not only this personal-touch, state-of-the-art technology and a warm smile that wins the hearts of a host of forward-thinking clientele, it’s also what the team behind Altenar do in their spare time, on the weekends and generally, going above and beyond to immerse themselves in the world of iGaming, Altenar and sportsbook software.

The Many Faces Of A Sports Betting Provider

Recently, the team behind Altenar, which spans many countries, took out their green finger and took part in a beach clean-up on the beaches of Malta. This clean-up helped and informed many attendees about the natural conservation needs of the area, the wildlife and overall how being green can offer a plethora of benefits to the local communities. 

The Green Hats organisation teamed up with a handful of local businesses to drive home the message of ‘green is better’ and in doing so, the team behind Altenar joined forces and took themselves down to the beach for a day of litter picking and learning. 

It’s this kind of dedication to the environment, local communities and understanding the importance of a message that drives clients to Altenar’s sportsbook software. 

The faces behind Altenar have access to several data providers, risk management systems, create and implement customisable technology through changeable front-layers and a manual-aspect backend, however, it’s also their dedication to one another, the camaraderie and family feel to the sportsbook software provider that impresses clients. 

Altenar’s team, based in Greece, recently ran the Athens’ half marathon and the team came together in support of one another, a trait that is both internalised by Altenar and extended to clients and the industry at large, according to iGaming experts. 

Though it isn’t only sporting endeavours and beach clean-ups that inspire the faces of Altenar…

Altenar: The Family Feel 

All work and no play is an adage that often springs to mind when people think of a work-life balance, however, at Altenar the team creates family days where the team, their spouses  and their children have a day out. 

Most recently, it was a trip to the local cinema where popcorn and drinks were abundant, arcade games scattered around the cinema and eventually the all-important watching of a cartoon film. 

It’s this creativity, family feel, forward-thinking and love-your-work-place ethos that shines brightly for clients when they look at what Altenar has to offer to their growing business. 

Altenar is a marvel because it consists of the faces who smile everyday and the state-of-the-art software that is a product of the passion felt at Altenar. 

If you’re looking to be a part of the Altenar family and want to harness their sportsbook software then you can visit the website today for a chat or to request a demo. 

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