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Expanding On Bet Builder Features With Sports Betting Software Provider Altenar

With the roll out of new features, the growth and expansion of Altenar, a sportsbook software provider, operators are looking to Altenar for their next-big-move. 

From strength to strength the sports betting software provider has witnessed tremendous success and a part of this is rooted in Altenar’s mantra; stability meets flexibility. Which informs everything the company achieves and believes, however, what can expanding on Bet Builder features add to an already top-of-the-range sportsbook solution? 

Recently, Altenar released its NBA bet builder and as a result saw an extranomical response. This is because Altenar’s sportsbook is allowing operators to offer a close-enough-to-touch experience for players, punters and gamers… With the addition of the NBA feature, Altenar are scoring from the three point line. 

Though, what can adding bet builders to your sportsbook solution create for your players' experiences? 

Let’s take a look …

Bet Builder, A Premier League Player In The Sportsbook Industry  

In offering Bet Builder, Altenar allows operators to offer players the ability to stack numerous bets on top of one another for a league, match or championship. 

Creating a combined bet from singular bets broadens what players can do with your sportsbook, and has opened the doors for Altenar to find new leagues and arenas to place bet builders… As a result, the current NBA bet builder was released. 

With rumours around further industry-specific bet builders being released throughout the year, what else can operators expect from Altenar, as a sportsbook software provider? 

  • Enhancement in Bet Builder markets offering
  • Bet Builder to become available in more sports (baseball, american football, tennis, etc)
  • Risk management system 
  • 24/7 support 
  • Bespoke experience 
  • New Features 
  • Stability meets flexibility 

Among this list of stand-out aspects, Altenar is always adapting to the current market, licences and player demand. 

As Altenar’s bet builder enters new sports markets, operators are flocking to the sportsbook software provider that is currently traversing the world, with the return of expos, to harness these new markets and expand their reach.

If you’re looking to add that extra something-something to your online betting platform or online sports betting business, Altenar is the sportsbook software provider for you. 

With a wealth of industry accolades, and media, Altenar is a long-standing pillar of the iGaming community and you can discover more, on all-things-Altenar, by contacting the passionate professionals behind the blue-light of Altenar now.

Discover why stability meets flexibility is the mantra of success today, and make your sportsbook dreams a reality. 

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