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Does The Efficient Market Hypothesis Inform Player Behaviour & Does A Player's Employment Of This Theory Positively Impact Your Betting Platforms? | Altenar

Altenar, a sportsbook software provider, believes it is prevalent to understand the needs, behaviours and wants of the bettor because this will inform how the player interacts with the content, platform and features you choose to offer in any given market. 


As a result, Altenar is taking a look at the Efficient Market Hypothesis that is often employed by your players when choosing when to bet, what to bet on and how they make the decision to begin betting. 


The Efficient Market Hypothesis

This theory suggests that the market/platform includes all information on a subject and is often deemed as a ‘fair price’ for what the player/consumer buys or bets on. 


This means that many of your players will closely be watching the data, statistics and analytics provided on your betting site to inform what to bet on and who to bet on. This can mean that your players might change bets should an unforeseen circumstance arise, like an injured player. 


Per the theory, having access to numerous data suppliers can boost the chances of players betting on your content because they feel well-informed, and as though they have been given a ‘fair shot’ at winning the bet(s) placed. 

Altenar offers its partnered operators access to several data providers, which is unique to the betting scape and promotes treating your players like educated and skilled players.


You can discover more about Altenar, a sportsbook software provider, by contacting the team today and starting your sportsbook journey in the right hands!

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