Does Italy’s Historic Betting Landscape Inform The Modern Betting Market? | Altenar

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With a centuries-long interest and pioneership of betting, gambling and the like, it’s no wonder that many modern global markets look to Italy for inspiration on how to do betting well and create a harmonious ecosystem that pursues innovative technologies, features and more. 

Venice 1638 saw the rise of the first in-land casino, Ridotto, which saw the demand and popularisation of games like Biribi (similar to modern lottery) and Bassetta (high-stakes card games). 

With games like Baccarat originating fr om the 15th century and Bingo coming from the Italian gambling landscape, it’s no wonder that the modern sports betting market thrives. 

Over the years betting and gambling trickled from high society and became accessible to all, and as a result, the modern betting landscape was formed wh ere new regulations protect the modern bettor.  

How Has Betting Grown From The 15th Century To Modern Day?

Currently, there are a host of legal online betting and gambling opportunities that are available to Italian bettors: 

  • Cash poker games

  • Horse pools

  • Casino games

  • Fixed-odds & totalisator Sports betting

  • Skill games

  • Solitaire & tournament poker games

  • Bingo 

Altenar looks at the Italian betting scape as a space that is well-informed by its history which allows even greater success for innovation to take place, like ways to involve players, keep up to date with regulation changes and help to be a spearhead for the European iGaming industry. 

Speaking with Francesco Papallo on the popularity of the sports betting market in Italy, Altenar’s Regional Director had this to say: 

“Betting on sports events is nothing new for Italy. The origins of this practice date back to Roman times. Just think of the “Totocalcio”, a competition that made history in our country.

Despite the pandemic period we have experienced, which is particularly difficult for the Italian gaming industry, the Igaming Industry has definitely recovered and we are certain that there are great opportunities and great challenges for Italian operators to focus on. 

In a highly qualified industry such as gaming, companies, at all levels, now just need tools that allow them to do something, but without increasing complexity, in support of the player, and Altenar keep working on that, in order to have an advanced technology that makes the software provider highly competitive around the world.

Talking about Italy, there are also regulatory limits that make it more difficult to make certain types of developments, as well as, there are objective difficulties encountered by the legislator due to the poor perception of the sector in the eyes of public opinion. 

And although this represents one of the main limitations for the industry, it is also true, on the other hand, that this negativity is also a kind of defence for operators, which keeps the industry reserved only for those who really know the Italian market.”

You can discover more about Altenar and what the sportsbook software provider offers to the Italian market by contacting the team today.

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