Could Sports Betting See A Rise In Women Participants? | Altenar  2

Could Sports Betting See A Rise In Women Participants? | Altenar

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The sports betting industry has no shortage of women fr om innovative CEOs to a campaign of intelligent marketing, security and DevOps individuals all supporting the framework and success of the sports betting world, however, the wealth of women players and bettors are far lower than their male counterparts who are traditionally more likely to bet. 

Thanks to the record-breaking UEFA Women’s Euro 2022 tournament, wh ere the final witnessed England ‘bring football home’ saw a spike in betting activity, deeper intrigue into the sporting world by women and overall a greater sense of community in the betting and sporting industry for women. 

The revolution of the 2-1 win could be an example of how women are being brought into the betting space by correct and full representation in the sporting field, especially ones traditionally male-dominated like Football. 

As a result, betting on female leagues is becoming mainstream and with it, bringing a host of new bettors along with it. 

If you’re looking to encompass newer players from women to Esports fanatics, you can build the perfect platform with Altenar, a sportsbook software provider, that not only provides an award-winning and internationally recognised betting software but supports operators 24/7 and ensures industry standard and market-specific regulations are held. 

Contact Altenar’s team today to discover how sports betting can be tailored to you, your region of choice and your players.

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