Could The Brazilian Market Expand Post-Regulatory Legalisation With The Likes Of Altenar?

Could The Brazilian Market Expand Post-Regulatory Legalisation With The Likes Of Altenar?

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As the world of iGaming, sports betting and Esports grows at an almost gamma-ray-exposed rate, experts believe that the Brazilian market could be around the corner, in the next year or so. 

This kind of growth means that sports betting is continuously expanding its reach and in part, this is thanks to Altenar’s highly adaptive sportsbooks software. 

Currently, sports betting is the largest revenue earner around the globe for online gambling types, and this can be witnessed by Altenar’s personal data archives and the public archives of sports betting and online gambling data. 

There’s simply no arguing with numbers, and for this, Altenar is excited to see what the likes of a regulated Brazilian market could mean for sports betting software providers like Altenar. 

Without further ado, let’s take a look at what Altenar can bring to the Brazilian betting market and vice versa…

A State-Of-The-Art Shift In Brazil 

Brazil is a growing market for iGaming and for this reason, the growing popularity and demand for online betting access is not only needed but could produce an exponential increase in revenue for the country. 

The legalisation of online gambling has been batted backwards and forwards in the courts for over 40 years and it appears that a shift towards legalisation is slowly taking place within the country.

This is where the likes of Altenar, a sports betting software provider, could help operators create long-standing relationships by attaining the right licences, having access to several data providers to reduce the need for online bettors to site-surf, a risk management section, customisable front-layer and a somewhat manual back-end that allows operators to select the correct sports content for their punters. 

Amongst this, Altenar is home to a host of industry professionals that have traversed the world speaking on different aspects of sports betting and have become well-known faces at global expos. 

As Legalisation Is On The Tongues Of Many … 

It is rumoured that betting applications will go through a bidding process and anybody who makes a win through these operators must pay a 30% tax on their winnings … which can be found in other places around the world as well … this helps to fund hospitals, schools, or whatever is deemed fit for the country. 

Alongside this, legalisation of online gambling could inject a host of jobs and a vibrant new scene of entertainment for Brazil, something that often underpins online gambling is the essence of being able to get that one step closer to what gamers love, and become more interactive with the sports and games the customers want. 

If you’re looking to find out more about the Brazilian market there are a plethora of professionals at Altenar, who would love to discuss the probabilities of that market opening up in Brazil … However, if you’d like to learn more about Altenar’s top-of-the-range sportsbook software you can visit the website today and request a demo.

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