Congo: One Of The Fastest-Growing Sports Betting Markets In Africa

Congo: One Of The Fastest-Growing Sports Betting Markets In Africa

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As Africa becomes one of the largest sports betting markets in the world, it’s clear to see why operators are flocking to Congo in search of the next honey-pot for sports betting. As demonstrated by other markets that have created a strong sports betting industry within Africa, such as Nigeria, Kenya, and Ghana, operators can see why the Congo is the next smart-move.

Though, as operators flock to the Congo in search for the famous nation of sports lovers and sports betting fanatics, it seems that Congo is set to be, according to industry experts, the fastest-growing market on the continent. 

In part, it can be thanks to sports betting software providers like Altenar, who have created a sportsbook software that enables operators to be flexible and stable for their bettors, customers and over all, the people who love sports betting. 

Altenar’s software has helped a host of operators throughout Africa and has adapted their software for the continent's needs, for instance having a sportsbook light because data can be expensive. 

Though, along with these software advancements and industry-growing implementations, Altenar also builds market reports and noted that sports betting holds the largest market share for iGaming in the African market. 

The above graph demonstrates that sports betting is the highest earning type for the online gambling market with a revenue intake of 1.58 billion USD in 2016 which rose to 2.17 as of 2022, with a predicted increase to 3.83 billion USD. 

Casino is the second highest earner for online gambling in the region with an intake of 0.78 billion USD in 2016 which increased to 1.24 billion USD as of 2022, with a forecast increase to 1.83 billion as of 2027. 

Poker is the lowest earning type for the MEA online gambling market with a revenue of 0.18 billion USD in 2016 that climbed to 0.23 billion USD in 2022, with a predicted increase to 0.34 billion USD. 

These findings demonstrate the growth potential for the market and also for what is possible in Congo. 

Though, why would you want to invest your time, trust and money with Altenar? 

Let’s take a look… 

Altenar: The Sportsbook Provider With Evergreen Features

Moving into a fast-growing market can often be daunting but operators like you can sleep-easy knowing that Altenar’s sportsbook software is there for you and your customers. 

Fr om a manual-aspect backend to a customisable front-layer, Altenar’s sportsbook software is made to be tailored to you, your needs and your customers' needs. You can build reports, track bets placed and create the content that is most important to the bettors in the region you operate. 

You’ll receive a customised experience with Altenar and this translates into the experience bettors will have with your operating site. 

Having access to several data providers you will be able to reduce the risk of site-surfers who are looking for the best odds and deals, especially as Altenar is adding more player specials to their sportsbook. 

You can harness a multitude of features, some of which will see a 2022 revamp throughout the year. 

Give your bettors what they deserve with Altenar’s sportsbook software and contact one of the sports betting professionals today. Have a chat with Altenar's team to discover more about why Altenar is wh ere stability is the flexibility. 

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