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Altenar Offers Operators Better & Boosted Odds For Your Players! | Sportsbook

Gaining favour with your ever-adapting players can be tricky, especially when there seems to be a plethora of new tips and tricks popping onto the market every week, though, how many operators truly receive the sportsbook solutions, features and odds that not only grab the attention of their players but help to retain them as well? 

Rhetorically, many operators find themselves at the figurative doors of Altenar, a sportsbook software provider, who offers its clients a host of tier-one content, globally recognised systems, features and more, as well as, holding a host of must-have licences: UKGC & ISO 27001, to name just two!

So, what does Altenar’s Boosted Odds offer to your ever-growing pool of players? 

Let’s take a look… 

Altenar’s Boosted Odds can be seen demonstrated and surmised by the following: Manchester City to win and Erling Haalnd to score goal with initial odds from provider at 2.00 to be offered at odds of 3.00.

With a lack of dependency on feed providers, Altenar’s Boosted Odds is a game changer for operators looking for a way to keep up with player demand and taste. The team behind the award-winning sportsbook solution also offer their Boosted Odds feature on combination markets, to ensure that your players have the experience they want.

Contact Altenar’s team today for more information on the features offered, the solutions designed and developed by the always-evolving team and how to begin your sportsbook journey! 

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