Altenar’s Business Development Manager Gabriela Novello Discusses The Future Of The iGaming Market Amid filmed Interview

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It became clear that Gabriela’s passion for theiGaming and sports betting industryshone brightly during her filmed interview that took place at Altenar's offices, where the blue hue of the environment was reflected in the glass screens behind Gabriela. 

The business development manager spoke on which markets will have great success for Altenar should the team wish to enter the space and ones that they already exist within. Gabriela made note of up-and-coming sports betting markets like Canada, which has recently seen SIGMA Americas take place, and introduced many seasoned operators, providers and stakeholders to the potential of a North American iGaming market. 

Fr om learning more about the growing market in North America, Gabriela explained that continued growth in the Indian sports betting market is another instance wh ere Altenar’s sportsbook solution would bolster revenue increases, and player retention rates, while building long-lasting and trustworthy relationships. Gabriela explained, ‘India has a growing population of sports betting fans, especially within the Cricket space’, the business development manager went on to note that with Altenar’s heavily implied importance on ‘customisation being key’, Gabriela said that ‘offering Premium Cricket will strengthen player trust in the region’. 

Another region that Gabriela believed to be noteworthy in her short interview was Brazil, where applying customisation and localisation have seen tremendous success for operators, and ‘allows these operators and stakeholders to adapt their product to regional demands’.

Though, within these growing markets, viewers of Gabriela’s interview were intrigued to learn how to retain players, regulations and the increased demand for iGaming services and products…

Building Trust-Infused Relationships And Offering Solutions For iGaming Curiosity

Gabriela Novello continued her interview and began to speak on how a lot of operator success is entrenched in ‘player trust’, the gamer has ‘to trust the games they’re playing or they won’t continue to play’. This is where many operators find that Altenar’s sports betting and iGaming content often bridges that gap between betting and entertainment, offering players a safe and trust-filled place to play. 

Gabriela explained that ‘we’re seeing more countries and operators looking into the iGaming industry because it has the opportunity to increase player numbers and enhance the quality of services an operator can offer to their market’. 

As the desire for technological advances and what can come from offering Esports, Premium Cricket and the like grow in demand, Altenar has witnessed inordinate growth over the past year, and it appears that more companies are entering the iGaming space, and are seeking knowledgeable, reliable, trustworthy and regulated providers to lead them into the market space. 

The business development manager continued, ‘companies with the right attitude and regulatory pillars in place have nothing to fear about iGaming regulation, and should use regulations as a guide to building a trust-based community among stakeholders, suppliers and your players’. 

As the ‘industry matures’ Altenar along with Gabriela Novello ‘are constantly assuring the quality of the Altenar product, offering our partners information on regulation and giving them the ability to offer high-quality products to their players’. The drive for regulation and technology advancements underpins Altenars core ethos and sports betting product that is witnessing a period of positive change, growth and acknowledgement around the world. 

If you’re looking to learn more about Altenar and what the team behind the sportsbook software provider can help you achieve, then contact the team today!

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