Altenar Sales Manager Alejandro Cazorla Speaks On The Effects And Features Of The Sportsbook Providers Betting Terminals

Altenar Sales Manager Alejandro Cazorla Speaks On The Effects And Features Of The Sportsbook Providers Betting Terminals

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Altenar prepares for the roll-out of its terminal sports betting solution, which allows for greater market penetration and brand awareness as well as bringing localised betting experiences to players and regional markets that prefer in-person betting.

Altenar Sales Manager, Alejandro Cazorla, spoke on the benefits, features and effects of the terminal solution after taking part in a recent interview making centre-stage of the terminal solution, how to use it and why Altenar's employees believe it stands out against other terminals on the sports betting market today. 

As the iGaming market calls for greater technologies, better accessibility and newer ways to spread awareness of brands, Altenar's terminal solution might just be the answer.

So, what did Alejandro have to say about Altenar's terminal solution? Let’s take a look… 

The Highlights Of Altenar's Recent Terminal Solution Interview

Alejandro was asked how Altenar's terminal solution will enhance customer experience and without a pause, moment-to-think or a glance at any off-camera scripts, the sales manager smiled and noted ‘I can think of several reasons why the solution will be a stand out against competitors and how customers and operators will experience Altenar's sports betting solution away from its historically mobile-first form. 

Interestingly, many features made it from online to terminal with ease, from ease-of-installation and ease-of-updates. On the release of new technologies and features, operators will be alerted via email for every release and can upload the new updates at the click of a button.  

Alejandro went on to note that Altenar's terminal is ‘connected to a robust backend’ which ‘enables operators to manage multiple terminals from access to a single back office’. This will allow operators to track financial performance, and the number of bets and allows them to ‘check application performance in general'. This could be systems like RAM usage, CPU usage, ink status and how different hardware is working within the terminal. 

As mentioned above, bringing the concept of localisation to Altenar's terminal solution ensures that each operator has a unique solution tailored to them, which means that many different operators can use Altenar's terminal solution without having to directly compete or share many similarities. This could be achieved, according to Alejandro, through ‘building different front-end shortcuts’ ensuring no direct competition through software solutions, only on a market level. 

Not only this, the use of different front-end shortcuts enables a smoother bet placement process for players, bettors and gamers. 

Want to discover what features and software technologies underpin Altenar's terminal and overall iGaming offering? You can visit today to find a host of case studies, articles and contact details to learn why Altenar's sportsbook solution is tailored to you and your players. 

Want to learn about Altenar via video? You can find interesting market opinions from Altenar's Co-Founders, Managers and Employees via YouTube and social media. 

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