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A Peak Behind The Sportsbook Curtain: Altenar’s Astounding Quarterly Reports

The first quarter of the year has ended and as the daffodils say hello to spring, Altenar has witnessed considerable growth from 2021 to 2022. 

The minds and faces behind Altenar, the sportsbook software provider, have been working hard through what has been a tumultuous two years for the iGaming industry, and it appears that their hard work and dedication has paid off. 

The stability meets flexibility mantra holding sports betting software provider has grown in numbers, as more experts are beckoned by the blue light of Altenar and the company ethos of problem solving and software innovation. 

According to a recent report published by the sportsbook provider, Altenar’s ‘new client’ percentage reached a three year high of 56%, proving that the sports betting market is not only recovering post-pandemic but flourishing. 

In line with this the global iGaming leader, by type, is sports betting and this can be found through Altenar’s regional reports that are available via contacting the team behind the sports betting software. 

Though, what else has Altenar’s quarterly report demonstrated about the sportsbook software provider? 

Let’s take a look…

There’s No Stopping Altenar’s Growth

Given that Altenar was able to harness, create and innovate in the sports betting market during the uncertain times of the pandemic, it’s no wonder that clientele are knocking on the doors of the sportsbook software provider and for good reason. 

Altenar offers their partners a host of beneficial software and additions, such as access to several data providers to reduce the need for bettors to site-surf, risk management services and a plethora of professionals that speak an oeuvre of languages. 

Not only this but Altenar’s software is fully customisable from the front-layer to the manual-aspect backend, which allows operators to offer the exact sports content their customers love and will return to time and time again. 

Due to these amazing features and continued problem-solving, innovation and creation at Altenar, the sportsbook software provider’s quarterly report demonstrated that there had been a 91% increase from March 2021 to March 2022, and that’s something to be extremely proud of. 

If you’re looking to access Altenar’s growing success you can contact them via their website to have a chat with an industry expert, and to request a demo of Altenar’s sportsbook software. 

Altenar is where stability meets flexibility and for that reason they are the perfect sports betting software provider for you and your business. 

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