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3 Reasons Why Artificial Intelligence Is The Next Sports Betting Frontier With A Look At Altenar A Sportsbook Provider

The presence of AI technologies in sports betting is relatively new to the field and as of yet, is rarely harnessed by sportsbook providers … However, the growing desire for AI in other fields will soon draw the attention of what AI can do in the sports betting industry, as it eventually becomes the top player in companies battling for highest market shares. 

AI has the potential to increase user-experience which, after all, is the driving revenue force for online gambling operators. 

So, with the growing emergence of AI in sports betting it’s interesting that industry leaders Altenar and Oddin have joined forces to create a bespoke and highly-proficient AI analytics synergy for Altenar’s sportsbook software. 

With Esports and virtual gaming rising in popularity and Altenar always being one step ahead of the curve, it’s no wonder that they’re one of the first to harness AI technologies. 

Though, what could Artificial Intelligence do for you? 

An AI Future

The future of sports betting appears to be shifting towards the use of AI technologies and in doing so, opens the sportsbook industry to a plethora of beneficial capabilities that both improve customer experience and potentially decrease maintenance work for operators. 

There are three key points to look at … 

  1. AI can support a greater recreational experience for gamers - This is invaluable as, if gamers feel like a website offers them ease-of-use, a plethora of content and the ability to sit back and relax, effectively, the gamer is likely to become a return customer. 
  2. Offers operators long-term solutions for their platforms - with AI technologies and software running in the background operators are able to harness long-term solutions that effectively will run and manage their systems for years to come, especially if they have access to an in-house team of AI specialists. Keeping track of bettors, bets-placed and the like… which is vastly becoming a valued aspect of AI technologies and sports betting.
  3. Make micro adjustments to create a better overall customer experience - by micro adjustments, the AI software can remove or add content from your site that is personal and preferential to a specific user account, meaning that your website needn’t offer cricket to a strict football fan. The technology could remove content pages, track bets and much more which is why the technologies are set to become adopted by the sports betting industry around the world. 

A Bright Future For Sports Betting Software

In light of the growing adoption of AI technologies it’s no wonder that style-makers, Altenar, have already begun to harness aspects of the somewhat endless potential of Artificial Intelligence. 

As a result operators who have partnered with Altenar might become the market leaders around the world in coming years, with some of the thanks attributed to Altenar’s early adoption of AI. 

You can learn more about Altenar’s software by contacting the team directly or visiting Altenar's booth at any of the upcoming iGaming expos. 

Altenar is where stability meets flexibility and for this reason, AI and Altenar might just be the perfect match. 

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