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A 2022 Exclusive Feature For Altenar’s Sports Betting Software: Premium Cricket

As the new year is in full-swing and the droll January blues are far behind the masses, it’s no wonder that sportsbook software providers are looking for new ways to entertain their customers - who appear to be growing ever more sophisticated in how they would like to consume entertainment. 

Having access to a plethora of state-of-the-art technology and forward thinking content creators is the only way to keep the always-on-the-move, on-to-the-next-big-thing consumer coming back for more. It’s a content-eats-content world out there in the sports betting industry and for that reason, Altenar are making strides in the hopes of providing the best sports content for its partners and in turn, their customers as well. 

Successfully, Altenar are harnessing the likes of Premium Cricket in 2022 as a way of ensuring that customers are not only enjoying the content providers and operators are offering, but are more likely to come back for more. After all, a returning customer ensures that your content is some of, if not, the best on the market today. 

So, what has Altenar achieved for its partnered operators by adding Premium Cricket to its sports betting offering? 

Let’s take a look… 

A Sport That’s Loved Worldwide

Cricket is loved around the world and for that reason adding Premium Cricket to its sports content was not only a smart move for Altenar but a valuable one as well. 

In offering an extensive and reasonable betting portfolio, Altenar has been able to create a second-to-none service that brings the complex characteristics of Cricket to the customer and operator in a much simpler way. 

Here are a host of reasons how that has occurred…

  • Rapid Settlement: Altenar’s Premium Cricket system is designed to result in every market from pre-match to live as soon as the results can be verified, which is inclusive of ‘rolling results’ so customers don’t have to wait to cash out if their bet has already won. 
  • Original Markets: adding exciting markets is what keeps Altenar ahead of the ever-arching curve, and keeps customers returning to operators. 
  • Quickest To Market: if any in-game realignment is required, Altenar will be back on the market in a New-York-minute with the updated information.

Altenar's reliable Premium Cricket service is set to make Altenar one of the most sought-after sports betting providers, according to industry leaders, and for this reason many operators are already flocking to Altenar's doors to request a demo. 

Looking towards the future is one of Altenar's key aspects, and one that has created ample opportunities and successes for the sports betting provider throughout its years on the market. 

As Altenar grows, so does its entrenched desire to problem solve and spearhead innovation within the iGaming field. 

It’s thanks to the team behind the sportsbook software provider that the likes of Premium Cricket is now a new 2022 feature of Altenar's sports betting platform, and you can speak with these industry professionals by visiting Altenar's website. 

Altenar is where stability meets flexibility and as of 2022, customers can now have access to Premium Cricket that offers 150 plus in-play and pre-match markets as well as over 1850 live events, 2300 pre-match events and 1800 simulated reality events per year!

All while holding official partnerships with national and international cricketing boards, prices that can’t be matched and permissioned ground entry for scouts. 

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