Virtual Horse Racing Software — What They Are and How Virtual Horse Racing Works 2

Virtual Horse Racing Software — What They Are and How Virtual Horse Racing Works

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Virtual horse racing is a virtual sport present in many online casinos, where punters get to bet on one or more out of six to eight racehorses in a race. The virtual horse that crosses the finish line first takes the win, and whoever has placed a bet on such a horse gets to win an amount of money based on odds.

Virtual horse racing software is software that outputs random results using electronic RNG (random number generator). This ensures that there will be different outcomes for different races. This software also makes it possible for the virtual races to look realistic with:

  • 3D graphics;
  • The vivid imagery of live standings;
  • Race progress;
  • Appealing visuals of statistics;
  • Peculiar real racing experience.

What Does Virtual Horse Racing Look Like?

Virtual horse racing as a virtual sport has increased in quality over the years with the many advancements in technology. Nowadays, betting sites can provide their players with exquisite virtual racing games that will lure you in at first glance. Nowadays, you might not be able to differentiate between real-life horse racing and the virtual counterpart.

Many virtual horse racing software developers design their virtual tracks and recreate the atmosphere of a real racecourse. They employ the use of different camera angles like on television to track the race so you can see the progress of the race in 3D. Also, the statistics and progress bars may appear on the side of the screen as the race progresses for some operators, which is all to ensure a real-life racing experience. 

Virtual horse racing now can match and compete with almost all other virtual sports, thanks to the software developers. These software developers also make use of virtual horse racing cards as in real racecourse tracks to display vital information about the horse or horses you’d be placing your bets on. 

Virtual Horse Racing Cards — Vital Information About Your Horse

In virtual horse racing, there are few circumstances to determine the outcome of a virtual horse race. This is unlike when you compare it to a real horse race, and since you can’t know what the records of the virtual horse are, there is the use of racing cards.

These virtual horse racing cards are what’s going to tell you all the crucial things you need to know on the horse you’re betting on. Virtual horse races don’t offer the same number of bet types, there are never non-runners, and you don’t have to bother yourself about settling for a starting price as the odds are fixed.

All these make for the more important reason why virtual horse racing software creates virtual racing cards which showcase:

  • The time of the race;
  • The names of the runners;
  • The odds prices;
  • The bet types.

There aren’t many differences between a real horse racing card or a virtual one — both can be used to map out a strategy when betting.

Attributes of a Good Virtual Horse Racing Software Provider

These software providers are regarded as some of the best providers in the virtual horse racing business because of the following attributes that all virtual horse racing games should have:

  • Availability for betting on-demand;
  • Lifelike and high-quality graphics;
  • Excellent Audio Commentary;
  • Action replays;
  • 100% neutrality;
  • Simplicity;
  • Swiftness.


All these and more are what make these developers innovative and pioneering in the business of virtual horse racing. Also, good virtual racing software simplifies virtual horse racing to an extent where players who do not know about horse racing beforehand can participate. Virtual horse racing shouldn’t have players thinking about how to win, bet types, or the track history of the racehorse at any point. Players should have to log in, pick the desired race, choose a win, forecast, bet, and wait on results.

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