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Virtual Basketball Software — What We Know

A Virtual Basketball Software is supposed to create a realistic rendering of a basketball league. This software will create a complete rendition of what a basketball court looks like, its players, the flashing lights, and the ambiance from a real-life basketball game. This recreation is then incorporated with randomly generated numbers for sportsbooks to ensure unpredicted outcomes for every match.

These complex algorithms will control all the action, outcomes, statistics, and information generated by real sports providing the basis for the steps. You’d also get live audio commentary if the betting software provider knows what they’re doing as well as high-quality graphics. In all, it’s supposed to feel like you’re by the side of the court while you’re placing your bets on outcomes.

The success of your bets is entirely dependent on the computer, and you must use your knowledge and expertise to assess the odds and determine which outcome is most likely. For a virtual basketball league software, the following are expected:

  • Live statistics as the game progresses;
  • Tabs showing the fixed odds for pre-matches;
  • Time and different matchdays of the virtual basketball league;
  • Tab, showing the available betting markets on a match and participating teams.

The popularity of virtual games can be location-specific. Virtual basketball is more dominant in North America, particularly the USA. It is a no-brainer since America is the home of basketball and one of the best leagues in the world. Other virtual games like virtual football have more players from Europe and Africa. Numerous players in Europe and Africa flock to virtual football because of the popularity of football leagues. As a result, overall followership or dominance can’t be determined but can only be location-dependent. All in all, both have a wide player base. 

Virtual Basketball League Software Betting Markets

The betting markets on the virtual basketball software by Altenar are sure to have:

  • Bets on the winner;
  • Bets on the total points in a game;
  • Bets on the winning margin;
  • Bets on the score in a quarter.

There are more possible bets than these. However, these are the most common ones in the virtual basketball league.

The Virtual Basketball League Itself

For any sportsbook that Altenar provides its services to, there’d be at least two variations of the leagues being played. Although they’re entirely fictional, you’d see familiar names of superstars in the NBA. The typical league will have 16 teams and 30 match days. Each team will also play with each other twice, and when a series of bet types are offered, players can take advantage to bet during that season.



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