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Understanding The Regulatory Landscape Of The Netherlands | Regulation, You & Altenar

Regulation in the Netherlands entered the global betting sphere in 2021, and with it, drew countless providers and operators to the newfound landscape where innovation and potential oozed from the core of this betting market. 

Having refined its laws and regulations over time, the Netherlands ensures that match fixing, safer gaming and much more is upheld by those operating within the country, and as a result, many operators are looking for sportsbook solutions providers that can help to attain and maintain regulatory standards within the country. 

For this reason, Altenar, a sportsbook solutions provider, is an operator’s go-to provider for sports betting technologies and regulation know-how, and this article will outline what the Netherlands demands of its operators. 

Regulation within The Netherlands specifies that any and all regulations set out in the Decree will govern the following: 

  • Remote gambling licensing and operations
  • The organisation of remote gambling: The licensee’s integrity policy, access to remote gambling and management of gambling credits, consumer protection, the gambling system and the inspection of the gambling system
  • Compliance supervision and enforcement: Recording and reporting requirements and a datasafe (control database) for monitoring purposes.

The amended BGA ( Betting and Gambling Act ) is not introducing a licensing system for B2B service providers. However, B2C operators will be subject to extensive requirements regarding outsourcing which means that Altenar will need to be certified for providing its sportsbook in the Netherlands. 

Additionally, below is a list of reporting obligations. 

Annually, within 42 days of December 31,

  • about all requested data

Each quarter , within 28 days of the end of the quarter, about:

  • data cover sheet report format
  • data recruitment and advertising
  • data addiction prevention; and
  • data in the betting integrity policy block

You can discover more about regulation and the Netherlands by speaking to one of Altenar’s market professionals. Or, if you’re looking to add a tier-one sportsbook to your iGaming offering in the Netherlands, or switch from your current provider, contact Altenar today or book a meeting with the award-winning team at this year’s Gaming in Holland. 

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