The North American Sportsbook Expansion Draws Bettors, Operators And Providers To New Thrill Betting… Or Does It?

The North American Sportsbook Expansion Draws Bettors, Operators And Providers To New Thrill Betting… Or Does It?

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With the growing demand for online gambling, and most importantly, sports betting in the US, it’s no wonder that the likes of sportsbook software provider, Altenar, are receiving vast interest in the North American market. 

Given the success that Altenar has achieved in the LatAm market, the growth of sports betting traversing the continent is no shock to experts in the iGaming industry. 

The online gambling market is seeing great success within its American industry and with greater access and legalisation of sports betting throughout the country Altenar would be interested in entering the market, as most software providers would be and given the climate was right. 

Given the recent ignition of a sports betting new wave, the addition and fast-application of Esports is growing in the region, so much so, that operators in the market are currently having to compete heavily for bettor attention and this is creating an interestingly bullish market. 

According to reports illustrated by Bloomberg, current operators in the states are offering risk-free bets that have spurred-on and curated a market where bettors are looking for ‘the next edge’ in sports betting. The worry is that many bettors will eventually site-surf for the best odds, deals and risk-free bets they can find, and eradicate the traditional and term-defining aspect of sports betting and that’s the essence of gambling. 

Though, in large, industry professionals believe those promotions will help bring new-generation customers to the sports betting market and so far, it appears to have worked in a mass of states as demonstrated by the map below. 

What Could Altenar’s Software Do To Address Site-Surfing Bettors?

With the move to online gambling in full-swing, as of 2018, in North America the desire to keep bettors on your website is growing in line with the popularity of iGaming. Countless punters will log on to a site and are drawn to the content they love, sports betting. 

If Altenar was able to operate within the region their sports betting software would be the perfect fit for North American operators.

For this reason Altenar’s sportsbook software could be the answer American operators are looking for because it reduces the need for bettors to site-surf and this is thanks to Altenar’s flexible and stable software. 

With having access to several data providers, risk management systems and a customisable front-layer, operators are able to tailor their content and sports betting experience to the niche requirements and likes of their customers. 

Amongst these reasons, Altenar has become popular within Latin America, because the content they display can be changed through a manual-aspect backend and is available via mobile, desktop and terminal should the region require it. 

This flexibility entrenches Altenar’s software and in creating a bespoke experience for operators and customers alike, Altenar is able to create return clientele, who are happy and satisfied with the state-of-the-art content and service they receive. 

If you’re looking to understand the scope of the North American market, you can contact Altenar today to request a demo or simply for a chat. 

The team behind the sportsbook software provider have an abundance of industry expertise and experience behind them, and this has created thousands of happy customers around the world. 

Credit:  AGA Sports Betting Map

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