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The Importance Of Sportsbook Light For Africa’s Sports Betting Landscape | Altenar

Altenar, a sportsbook software provider, designed a lighter version of its sportsbook to aid Africa’s players in consuming betting products all the while, reducing the costs associated with accessing non-light sportsbooks. 

This has garnered great reception from Altenar’s operators and players in Africa and could also add a competitive edge to your iGaming business in this market. 

Additionally, Altenar designs its products with useability, accessibility and flexibility in mind without compromising on efficiency, style and overall user experience. As a result, Altenar’s sportsbook light works on older-generation technologies, per a need of the betting landscape, and doesn’t require the highest-spec technologies to run. 

You can discover more about Altenar’s sportsbook light at 2023’s SIGMA Africa, where Altenar’s Diego Salas and Vagelis Bairlis (Sales Managers) will be in attendance. 

Learn how Altenar’s sportsbook light is the tier-one choice for Africa’s betting landscape; make sure to book a meeting to ensure your time with Altenar’s team. 

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