The IGaming And Sports Betting Digital Revolution Of Brazil | Altenar 2

The IGaming And Sports Betting Digital Revolution Of Brazil | Altenar

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With an increase in digital content consumption across Brazil, as a country known for its love of sports and subsequent betting, many operators are looking to carve-out a spot in this digital revolution.

Over the past five years, more growth has occurred within the Brazilian sports betting market, and as a result, operators have looked for sportsbook software providers, like Altenar, who have a proven history of success across South America. 

Having known the betting landscape and seeing a rise in internet access throughout the region, Altenar has been able to navigate operators, new and seasoned, through the growing digitalisation of the Brazilian market. 

With 39% of the market growth stemming fr om Brazil and countries throughout the same region, operators are looking to expand this sports betting gold mine further and you could be a part of that gold rush. 

As modern consumers of sports betting are able to consume more content, the call for a top-of-the-range and robust sports betting software provider is not only needed but required. 

So, how can Altenar help your business to succeed in the forecasted economic spell that the Brazilian market is predicted to achieve in the coming years? 

Let’s take a look…

The Age Of Digital Sports Betting With Altenar 

With a predicted revenue of 106. 25 billion USD shared across Brazil and South America as a whole, operators are aware of the growing need for advanced technology within a region that now sees online sports betting as one of the top services to accessing their favourite pastimes. 

This is wh ere Altenar is able to access this predicted revenue between 2021-2025, and as a result, is using the top of the range sportsbook to navigate a booming market, where Altenar has witnessed, helped and created, in part, the success that some of the region has seen. 

Being a spearhead for the sports betting digital age is where Altenar shines, and where operators are able to shine as well… you can discover case studies, market reports, and demos fr om Altenar’s website, wh ere the proof is in the pudding. 

As the Brazilian market grows in revenue and internet access, operators need sportsbook software providers like Altenar, to achieve as much as they possibly can within any given market. 

As the mobile-first, managed trading services and sportsbook experts make moves within Brazil, operators are flocking to the IT-driven sportsbook software provider to offer their players the following: 

  • 24/7 customer service 
  • Manual aspect backend 
  • Risk management 
  • Esports & fantasy leagues 
  • Premium Cricket, Football and NBA (to name a few)
  • Customisable front layer

You can discover more about the Brazilian market and Altenar by contacting the passionate professionals today. At Altenar, you’ll receive a bespoke experience and customised sportsbook solution for your needs and the market's needs. 

Find out what ‘stability meets flexibility’ will mean for you and chat with Altenar today! 

Break into the Brazilian market with a splash, break into the market with Altenar!

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