The Experts Weigh In: Could There Be A Netherland iBetting Expansion In 2O22?

The Experts Weigh In: Could There Be A Netherland iBetting Expansion In 2O22?

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Speaking with industry experts from Altenar, a sports betting software provider, the future of iBetting in the Netherlands became clear.  The experts discussed the grand potential of the region that ‘has witnessed considerable growth from 2019 to 2022, and we believe further growth moving forward.’ 

Having worked within the iBetting and iGaming field for some time, from building Altenar’s sportsbook software to a plethora of industry experience and expertise that have created, informed and structured the ever-adapting software that Altenar is best known for, the knowledge amassed by the sports betting software provider is somewhat immeasurable. 

Within this, ‘regional knowledge has formed and Altenar is able to witness the growth of markets and businesses from fledgling start-ups to highest market-share holders. From Altenar’s data and even, by large, public data, sports betting is not only on the rise in the Netherlands but could rival Casino for the top-betting-type in the region.’ 

The Experts went on, ‘around the world sports betting holds the largest share of the market by type and is quickly becoming the Netherlands top type as well with a data-predicted revenue of roughly 13 billion USD in 2025 compared to Lottery at just below 10 billion USD in the same year.’ 

Filled with excitement for the growth and expansion of the online gambling and sportsbook market in the Netherlands, the experts brimmed with passionate light while discussing the market potential… ‘in terms of regional share of the global market, the Netherlands has grown to hold 14% of said market, in the past couple of years, which is exciting for us to see because it means that sports betting or iGaming in general is growing in popularity as a means of entertainment.’ 

The Changing Faces Of Sports Betting Entertainment  

In line with the market growth for the Netherlands, ‘that could reach similar heights to the market in Italy or the UK market in coming years’, it’s no wonder that ‘the way that bets are being placed and the consumption of sportsbook entertainment and betting is changing, has changed and has done so since 2019 in the Netherland’s market’.  

This change fascinates Altenar, because it’s the premise of the sports betting provider’s softwarewhich over time will adapt to the changes of the market and how the gamer is consuming sportsbook entertainment and what type of sports event are popular at any given time for the region. 

‘There are two forms, genres or ilks of sports betting, so to speak, in the Netherland market, which are in-play and pre-match. Altenar has witnessed a shift take place over roughly three years, that saw a pre-pandemic favour for in-play betting and a post-pandemic favour for pre-match betting.’

‘As of 2020 pre-match betting had a revenue of 57 billion USD, give or take, to in-play betting with a revenue of around 43 billion USD.’ Altenar’s Co-Founder continued, ‘this could be due to a host of reasons, but it’s possible that pre-match betting adds a sense of realness to the betting experience, much akin to in-land betting without the hustle and bustle of a crowded shop or stadium.’ 

Altenar rejoices at the growing popularity for sports betting and iGaming in the Netherlands and ‘since offshore licences are now accessible to companies like Altenar, for example, the online gambling market is able to grow considerably and it appears has expanded since legislation for offshore operators came into law as of the February of 2019.’

The experts have weighed in and it looks as though the sports betting and online gambling market, as a whole, is predicted to grow exponentially in the Netherlands for 2022 and the years post.

If you’d like to learn more about how Altenar’s software is able to create a stable yet flexible environment for operators you can contact its passionate professionals today.


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