The 2022 World Cup - Inside Altenar’s Trading Room With Dinos Stranomitis

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Altenar’s Dinos Stranomitis speaks on Altenar’s trading room and its predictions for the upcoming World Cup, detailing his findings and insights in his article below … 

Altenar’s trading department has created a deep analysis of all the groups for this World Cup and there are some significant findings that we consider important for the outcome of the Cup Winner, but also for the overall feeling and entertainment this World Cup may deliver to spectators all over the World.

Considering the probabilities, it looks like the final 8 teams that will reach quarter finals could consist of:

  • Netherlands vs Argentina
  • Spain vs Brazil
  • England vs France
  • Belgium vs Portugal

More likely we should avoid predictions in those high level games, however it looks like the World market is favouring Brazil a bit over Argentina, France and England.

However, in Altenar we surely consider certain unpredictable factors will shuffle above pairs and will eventually allow some teams not mentioned above to impress the spectators and become the pleasant surprises of the competition.

Such factors may be that we are in the middle of the season for major domestic leagues that do not allow national teams to have enough time to get prepared. 

We also have last minute injuries of important players, and the coaches do not have enough time to experiment with substitutions and simply need to trust their instinct. 

Not to mention that playing football 11 o'clock in the morning in the middle of  the desert definitely is not popular to the greater extent of the players that used to play prime time in the evening or worst case, late afternoon.

Daring a few spicy tips, Altenar’s trading team can definitely see a chance for Croatia (last Cup finalist) to be eliminated from the group stage. 

Japan eventually to give trouble to Germany or Spain, why not both. Iran will have full stadium support from fans, however a difficult mission against USA and England. 

Actually it is considered this group as the most unpredictable group, involving also Wales, that we definitely see them as the team with less chances to qualify from that group. Not to forget Denmark with such a solid team that is always well-organised and balanced with chances to upset France and grab top spot in group four.

Summarising all the above, we all expect a few unpredictable results, however if all goes according to the mathematics, the final should be between Brazil and France.

But always keep in mind that mathematics are describing an average life, but life is never average. In Altenar, we are alert 24/7 to cover this World Cup with a large number of special markets to make every punter thrilled about every single goal.

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