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‘Qualifying As Unique’: Altenar COO Dinos Stranomitis Speaks On What Makes Altenar's Product Stand Out On The Sports Betting Market

With a sports betting product that has witnessed many years in an always growing, changing and adapting market space, Altenar's Co-Founder and COO Dinos Stranomitis spoke on what has contributed to this success and why an essence and core of uniqueness has propelled Altenar's success over the years. 

The famous smile of Dinos lit up the recent interview that focused on his professional opinion and insight into Altenar's sports betting software and what it has created over the years on the sportsbook and iGaming market. Set to the backdrop of an Altenar-logo embossed wall, Dinos enlightened viewers on how Altenar's software and features of its solution could qualify as being unique. 

Dinos explained how the below features attributed to Altenar's operating partners' success in terms of growth, unique-to-market features and profitability. 

Let’s take a look at what Altenar's Co-Founder, Dinos, believed to attribute to on-market success for Altenar's partners… 

User Experience And Front-End Compatibility For Sports Betting Player Retention

Dinos explained to the interviewer in the recently released Dinos-centric video interview, that ‘if something could qualify as unique in the industry it would be our bonus tool’. Comparatively looking at other, similar bonus tools on the market, Dinos believes that what makes Altenar's bonus tool unique is its ability to be ‘integrated with any platform, campaign and functionalities’. 


From this, it was evident to see the kind of innovation that underpins Altenar's operations, and more information on bonus tools can be found on Altenar's blog. Where the following features are present, among a host of others: 


  1. Cashback on user demand that can be activated through the betslip. 
  2. Bet on a pre-live event and get a risk-free bet for the same event once it goes live.
  3. Conditions for voiding bets, for example, 0-0 on soccer/football events.
  4. Early payouts, for example, 2-0 on soccer/football or 20+ on basketball. 
  5. Zero percent (0%) margin on selected highlighted events 
  6. Full stake cashout (0%) on Pre Match events
  7.  Accumulators bonus dependent on the number of selections

Though, it’s not only within these features that Dinos believes Altenar's sportsbook solution brings abundant growth factors to partnered operators, new or seasoned. How this growth is achieved, for Dinos, ‘is very simple, it all comes down to user experience and the front-end’ where Altenar has to ‘take into consideration how the sportsbook is consumed, the market and the players’ to truly understand or pinpoint the moments of growth, player retention and the like. 


Dinos continued to explain how creating a product that offers features like bonus tools also has to be presented to players ‘in a structure that is familiar to them’, as this often ‘drives the user to bet again and again adding to the growth potential of our partners. 


You can find Dinos’ video interview on Altenar's Youtube account and social media, where you can discover more about how Altenar is the sportsbook provider for you. 


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