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Altenar's Statistics And Data For The North-American Online Gambling And Sports Betting Market

Altenar's Statistics And Data For The North-American Online Gambling And Sports Betting Market

Altenar’s data stretches as far back as 2016 to the present day and has forecasted the upcoming market growth, change and adaptation until 2027. 

This is a compilation of the most important data for you to get stuck into and determine the kind of success your online gambling and sports betting operation can attain within North America. 

According to the data, North America’s market is expected to witness significant growth in the coming years and this, in part, is a product of widespread adoption of high-speed data networks. As well as, allowing bets to be placed on the NBA, which is expected to increase betting participation exponentially through more states within North America who are legalising online gambling. 

The future appears bright for those currently operating in the region and those looking to enter North America. 

The North American market revenue has seen an exponential increase from 7.11 billion USD in 2016 to 13.56 billion USD in 2022. This 6 year span and 6 billion USD increase might appear impressive, however the 24.03 billion USD forecast for 2027 is significantly tantalising. 

Within this indisputable market increase, it’s good to know which aspects of the online gambling market are in high-demand within North America. 

The graph demonstrates that sports betting will see the largest market revenue from 2016 to 2027, accumulating in 12.23 billion USD market revenue against Casino, Poker, Bingo and Others. Giving sports betting a CAGR % of 12.6%. 

The 9 billion USD increase in eleven years is astounding and stands as testament to the want for online gambling throughout North America and the increased acceptance around gambling.

Device usage is important within a region because it allows you to adapt your software, technology and over-all experience to your core, market demographic. 

With desktop usage holding the highest use within the region it might be shocking that mobile is the fastest growing segment with a CAGR % OF 12.5% in comparison to 11.6% (desktop).

With desktop still being the highest device for revenue intake, it’s clear that at-home gambling could be taking over in-person or in-shop betting and gambling. 

In line with this, the below graph demonstrates the growth of the promotion and use of advanced technologies within online gambling with the aim to strengthen operator presence in the region of North America.

Some areas are adopting the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) as Casinos can use this to assist them in their Corporate Social Responsibility activities. 

With the potential for AI-based face recognition software and cryptocurrency furthering the online gambling field in the future, with significant growth stemming from technology that is expected to propel the market in the coming years.

Within the increasing popularity for virtual or online gambling it appears that the desire for sports betting has increased, at the fastest rate, amongst its peers Casino, Poker and Bingo. 

This growth rate, especially in North America, is exponential and is predicted to increase further. The below graph demonstrates the increase in revenue of sports betting around the globe, which has jumped from 19.01 billion USD (2016) to 36.44 billion USD (2022) with a forecast increase to 64.91 billion USD by 2027. 

This global growth and draw to sports betting has been a catalyst for virtual betting becoming the fastest-growing segment within online gambling.

Amongst this predicted growth for virtual sports betting and video game betting, North America is expected to witness a growth from 3.40 billion USD (2016), 6.71 billion USD (2022) and a forecast of 12.23 billion USD for 2027. 

The 9 billion USD increase between 2016 and 2027 demonstrates the consumer demand for increased access to sports betting.

Amongst this growth, in 2019 sports betting held the highest percentage of market share amongst other online gambling segments. 

An increasing number of states in the US are legalising online gambling which adds to the growing market size for online gambling and sports betting. 

Forecasting further growth and potential in the region. 

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