Product Roadmap Overview Excitement For Altenar The Sportsbook Software Provider Amid ICE Expo Extravaganza

Product Roadmap Overview Excitement For Altenar The Sportsbook Software Provider Amid ICE Expo Extravaganza

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As the excitement around ICE builds and the iGaming industry roars with life once again, it’s no wonder that experts, professionals and the bread and butter of the gambling industry has convened at the London Excel hosted event: ICE. 

Over the three day event, clients, providers and media rub shoulders with one another, creating invaluable bonds, relationships and partnerships that will not only stand the test of time but survive the ever-changing face of the iGaming industry. 

It’s this note that will bring countless faces to the blue light of Altenar, a sportsbook software provider, as it is where innovation, forward-thinking and state-of-the-art technologies come together. However, the ICE returnees are coming back to one of the largest iGaming expos with a host of new and improved products, just in time for the sports betting new-wave and the convergence of far-flung experts.


ICE is the perfect opportunity to tell clients about new offerings and brilliant updates because it adds an extra layer of excitement to an already pleasure-brimming moment for the industry. 

Altenar’s recently released product roadmap explains its upcoming releases and here is a list of the first few: Bet Builder NBA, Player Specials, Premium Cricket, Widgets, Early Payouts, Esports and a list of territories where Altenar shines. 

You can find Altenar with a team of professionals at booth S3-340 where you can chat to Altenar’s friendly professionals and learn more about why it's the sportsbook software provider for you. 

This is your quick-glance notice for what is to come fr om thesports betting and iGaming expert minds behind Altenar and what it can do for your company moving forward.

Sports Betting Software A State-Of-The-Art Technology

Altenar’s bet builder will host football and basketball, with access to leagues such as the NBA which is a recently achieved goal for the professionals at Altenar. Bet builder advancements in Altenar’s software allows for greater enhancements of markets instead of individual events. With a growing potential for multiple games in the future, Altenar offers a unique bet building software to operators that isn’t available with every sports betting provider on the market today… making them ahead of the sportsbook curve once again. 

Along with this, Widgets are one of the fastest growing experimental forms of sports betting, and with Altenar, this technology can allow operators to access Altenar’s content and tailor it to their unique requirements, whether as a banner or on a third party website. 

As the face of sports betting changes, once again, Altenar is aware of the growing fascination and popularity with Esports as a bi-product of the pandemic and for this reason, the minds behind Altenar partnered with Oddin. Your customers will have access to the best, most in-demand Esports content available on the market today. 

Altenar’s adoption of Early Payouts is a mutually beneficial system for operator and bettor, because it allows gamers to receive their winnings ahead of time if their outcome wins, and prevents the loss of their bet should the goal or bet-on-event outcome change later on in the game. For Operators, Early Payouts allow them to close a betting event and reduce the risk of any further loses. 

As of 2022, Altenar will offer clients and their customers Premium Cricket, which hosts 150+ in-play and pre-match markets and over 1,805 live events, 1,800 simulated reality events and 2,300 pre-match events per year.  Premium Cricket allows for quickest-to-market results, original markets and rapid settlement. 

Though Altenar's 2022 offering doesn’t stop at this, the minds behind the blue light of the sportsbook software provider are also offering unique Player Specials, wh ere bettors needn’t have predicted the multiple bet outcomes correctly to win. For instance, if you have bet on five outcomes you can lose two of those and still win. This is a bespoke offering fr om Altenar and bettors can even void bets at a 0-0 outcome. 

If you’re looking to access Altenar’s new product editions and their several data providers, risk management systems, excellent customer service and ever-evolving technology you can visit their website today to request a demo and a chat, or you can catch the brilliant people behind Altenar at the ICE expo this week at booth S3-340. 

Altenar is wh ere stability meets flexibility for a plethora of regions from Latin America, Europe, UK and Canada to the MEA. 

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