Online Gaming Business Site Vs App: The Pros & Cons

Online Gaming Business Site Vs App: The Pros & Cons

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In an iGaming world where the growing similarities between websites and apps grows ever closer, it’s important to take a look at the value of starting an online business via a website or with an app.  Altenar, a sportsbook software provider, offers its clients the opportunity to open both a website and an app, which allows your players to access your content fr om around the world, on-the-go and with a consistent brand across both platforms.  However, you’re likely at the beginning of your iGaming business journey, looking for the benefits of starting with one or the other, or, you're currently a casino only venture wondering how to take your offering to the next level. The answer: Sportsbook. Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of an online gambling business through the lenses of websites and apps. 

The Pros & Cons Of An Online Gaming Website | Mobile-First Approach With Altenar 

Most website platforms now take a mobile-first approach, ensuring that your operations receive a better user experience for those accessing the content through their phone. With Altenar, for example, this approach allows your players to access the same content, features and bonuses without having to compromise on the quality of the product (sportsbook).

Here is a brief overview of the pros of a gambling website…

  • Quicker to create
  • Often cheaper than making an app
  • Development and deployment is simpler
  • Enhance time-to-market speed

A list of the cons of a gambling website…

  • Potential lack of interaction between players

Though there are fewer cons than pros in creating an online gambling website, it’s always prudent to complete your homework on the best ways to begin, and this could mean harnessing a solutions provider like Altenar, wh ere their award-winning and global solution is tailored to you, your needs and your brand. 

The Pros & Cons Of An Online Gaming App | Betting on-the-go With Altenar’s MOA 

As the next logical leap fr om a mobile-first approach, solution providers like Altenar offer a mobile app version of their award-winning products. This allows your players to take your brand on-the-go and take the excitement and entertainment of their favourite pastime wherever they go.  The benefit of an app after the initial download and sign-in process is that it’s easily accessible for your players (24/7), wh ere they will get the benefits and bonuses as if they were playing on a website.  With Altenar, the mobile application is fully customisable to your changing needs and that of your target market.

The pros to having an online gambling app:

  • Smoother gameplay & operations as the solution is purpose built for the app, operating system and device.
  • They make use of mobile user gestures like swiping and tapping. 
  • On-the-go betting 
  • Increased levels of security
  • Convenience & comfort
  • Push notifications to a players mobile (something which can’t be done with a normal website)

The cons of an online gambling app:

  • The app will require updating

With a provider like Altenar, a sportsbook solutions designer, you can have access to a host of beneficial attributes:  a faster experience, is lighter to run on devices and makes placing a bet easier for players. As well as offering operators the ability for seamless cross-platform development:  The same business logic & user experience across all platforms, increased time-to-market speed, own rendering engine, simple platform-specific logic implementation, suitable for any target platform and faster code development and product production. Altenar’s mobile application has been approved for Apple and Android devices. 

The Pros Of An Online Gaming Business | An Ever-Expanding Industry 

Sportsbook solutions providers like Altenar, are able to offer a host of international content fr om major sports leagues to global phenomenon Esports. This is the result of an always adapting and evolving sportsbook that aims to offer one of the best operational, functional and entertainment-filled sportsbook solutions online: website and app. Though, as you’re contemplating whether or not to begin your iGaming business venture, let’s take a look at the pros and cons of the overall business. 

Pros of having an online gambling business:

  • Access to a global industry that helps to build and define itself.
  • A growing pool of content that helps to inform the content your players will love.
  • An industry that has ample players and customers looking to get closer to their beloved pastimes. 
  • It's a service that can be suitable for all budgets and markets.
  • Access to world-leading technologies.

Building a sports betting business plan that incorporates your preferred form of Software, content, skins and operational reporting does not have to be as difficult as it may appear after reading through the countless articles, guides, and so on, filled with sports betting jargon and a slew of tech-savvy wording, when all a potential operator wants is the bread and butter, to-the-point guide of how to obtain and design an online gambling business and the pros and cons that come along with it. With the growing popularity and demand for sports betting, and the online vertical expanding at an exponential rate, the demand for customisable and nuance-ready software grows at the same rate. Given that the global sports betting industry is worth billions. 

Operators can access white-label software development and build a sports betting business plan with sports betting software providers like Altenar, which not only creates a flexible and stable foundation to build from, but also propels newcomers into the same stratosphere as majority market shareholders, with access to the same sports content, data providers, and more.

Doing research on the sports betting and iGaming industry in the early stages of your sports betting business plan will greatly inform your sports betting software and its development. You can begin your research by reviewing Altenar's wealth of industry reports, articles, and case studies, as well as pursuing industry-based media that will provide you with valuable insight into sports betting trends, what's new, and what's predicted to blow-up in the coming months.

It is critical to create your own image of the sports betting market based on the type of content you can provide, who consumes it, and wh ere in the world it is consumed the most. Based on this market analysis, an operator can make an informed decision.You can discover more about starting an online sportsbook (iGaming) business by contacting the tier-one provider, Altenar!  Discuss with the team the best solution for you in your chosen market and design a must-see product for the gaming industry. 

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