Moldovan Sports Betting Market Takes Action Against Match Fixing | Altenar

Moldovan Sports Betting Market Takes Action Against Match Fixing | Altenar

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In the sports betting market it’s always best for operators to know the ins-and-outs of the local industry and Altenar, the sportsbook software provider, couldn’t agree more. It’s within these per-market, or per country, nuances that providers like Altenar are able to tailor your bespoke sports betting software to best adapt to the scope of that market. 

With the rise of esports and online betting in general, there has been greater risks to that ecosystem, with the likes of scams and match fixing, though the latter is nothing new. As the sports betting market grows globally, but most importantly, in Moldova, many companies are supporting safer gaming, safer infrastructures and tackling match fixing. 

Altenar often stipulates that regulated gaming is safer gaming, and in turn, trying to protect the infrastructure of sports betting in Moldova is of the utmost importance, because it underpins a percentage of the country's economy and countless livelihoods. 

A company called Starlizard Integrity Services has recently partnered with companies throughout Moldova to tackle, head-on, the issues with match fixing. Strengthening the core of sports betting that has been propelled, supported and curated by the likes of Altenar, the sportsbook software provider. 

Having created a 12 month security contract with many Moldovan Football teams and betting sites, SIS’s system created new arrangements in this country to set alerts to the FMF, notifying the Moldovan governing body of any untoward betting patterns or activity. Taking it one step further by reporting questionable activities from teams and players in the scope of the Moldovan Football industry. 

Helping to spur this foundation to prevent match-manipulation are the likes of Altenar, the sportsbook software provider, who have implemented always-adapting risk management systems into its state-of-the-art technology. It’s in these early stages, that operators are able to track bettors and players through Altenar’s manual aspect backend, create reports and flag player accounts that might be acting unusually. 

As safety and risk management are taken seriously within the Moldovan sports betting market, from provider to Football team, operators are looking at what else sets sportsbook providers apart from the rest…

Altenar’s Sports Betting Software: Features, Content, Risk Management

Knowing that a dedication to local law and safer gaming is a tremendous feat of care for Altenar, and a feature that runs through Altenar’s sportsbook software and business ethos instils operators with a sense of professionality and overall safety . From this, Altenar gives operators and their players access to an inordinate amount of sports content from Football leagues to Esports tournaments and everything in between. 

Not only this but Altenar’s sportsbook is tailored to your liking, from a customisable front layer to 24/7 support services. 

You can discover more about Altenar and what the sportsbook developer will be for you and your players by contacting the passionate professionals behind the sports betting software provider today. 

With Altenar you can be a part of the Moldovan sports betting market with the knowledge that you're in safe and experienced hands … in the words of Altenar ‘Let’s talk!’


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