Despite the pandemic, Altenar kept growing in 2020 2

Despite the pandemic, Altenar kept growing in 2020

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Which were Altenar's major highlights in 2020?

Despite the pandemic that affected all of us, if we exclude the months where there were no games, I can say that Altenar kept growing. We launched some new interesting projects this year in several countries, and we are starting to see promising results now.

Given that Altenar is a provider of sportsbook software and services to licensed gaming operators, could you detail in which ways did customer demand shift when the first lockdown measures were implemented across the globe? What are operators currently demanding?

I would say that each market, each region, has its own peculiarity. When the first lockdown started, we have seen land-based operators almost with zero incomes. At the same time, on the other side, online operations managed to keep part of their business or, in a certain case, even increase the volumes.

During that time, we have seen some operators shutting down their operations. Some providers did not want to listen to customers' requests and did not offer any support or help. We have listened to our customers, and even though we were in a difficult position as well, where possible, we have tried our best to accommodate their demands. 

 Which are currently the most popular products and services offered by Altenar?

Altenar main product is our Fully-Managed Sportsbook solution. It is the core of the company. During 2020, we have increased our offering, adding more Virtual games and E-Sports events coming from different suppliers to be able to differentiate our portfolio of solutions. 

Do you believe customers are noticing changes in terms of the age/gender/etc of their target audience?

The audience is changing. The opportunity of having fast and more accessible Internet connections allow more people to have access to different forms of entertainment. And betting is one of them. Operators must understand that they are not competing only against each other, but with other media too. Like Netflix or Amazon. Operators must acknowledge this and create their offering to attract the audience to spend more time on their website rather than on shopping on Amazon. 

In which other ways do you believe the online, mobile, and land-based verticals have changed as a consequence of Covid-19?

I believe that many land-based operators understood the necessity of diversifying their offering, adding online exposure. This is the aspect wh ere I saw a change during the last 6 months.

Could you detail Altenar’s plans for what is left of 2020 and next year?

We have launched our new Sportsbook software, which allows operators to access renewed sets of tools. By 2021 we are working on another project I cannot disclose right now, giving us even more flexibility than the one we have now. We will go live with a land-based Peruvian Casino in the next coming days in terms of new partnerships. We are starting some new interesting projects in LATAM that will go live by the end of the year. We are keep growing and expanding our presence all over South America and Europe.

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