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Could Loyalty Programmes & Incentives Increase The Use Of Responsible Gaming Tools With Your Players? | Altenar

Altenar, a sportsbook software provider, understands the importance of responsible gaming and safer gaming for the entire iGaming industry and believes that when these tools and infrastructures are in place, gaming, betting and gambling have increased levels of excitement, fun and overall entertainment. 

Though, getting your players to participate in, or use responsible gaming tools, might be difficult, as more often than not, your players are used to gaming in a very personal and individual way. So, what can operators, like you, do to promote responsible gaming? 

In an article¹ published in August 2022, a theorem was proposed whereby offering your players loyalty program rewards for the use of responsible gaming tools drastically increased player willingness to adopt the tools of safer gaming. 

This not only offers an increased awareness of responsible gaming but can heighten customer satisfaction and brand loyalty. 

Loyalty programmes for use of responsible gaming tools could look like the following: 

  • Access to bonuses 
  • Early access to new content 
  • Offers and incentives like cash back or cash out options
  • Paid loyalty programs where players can receive some monetary reward for loyalty 
  • A points-based system where rewards are given for time-spent online

This is a brief example of how loyalty programs can potentially increase the use of responsible gaming tools by your players, and heighten customer loyalty to your brand as well. 

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¹ Samantha J. Hollingshead, Michael J. A. Wohl, (2022),  ‘Loyalty Program Rewards Increases Willingness to Use Responsible Gambling Tools and Attitudinal Loyalty’, International Journal of Mental Health and Addiction (2022). 

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