Altenar's Use Of Widgets In Sports Betting Expands Amidst Product Glow-Up For Operators

Altenar's Use Of Widgets In Sports Betting Expands Amidst Product Glow-Up For Operators

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Altenar, the sports betting software provider, is known for a host of astounding reasons, whether it’s forward thinking, innovative, state of the art technology, or the warm smiles of the faces behind the ever-growing sportsbook software provider… Many industry experts and clientele know the name Altenar. 

It comes as no surprise that a company like Altenar with a great foundation for growth and expansion is looking to add new technologies, or upgrade its current ones, to keep ahead of the ever-competitive curve of the sports betting industry. 

One way of doing this is enabling customers to access the sports content they love in a matter of seconds, in fact, potentially less than a second, given Altenar’s new release of Content Widgets. 

Widget technology changes the faces of many tech to individual relationships, fr om being able to tell what the weather will be like that day without opening the curtains or simply telling the time. These simple, somewhat accustomed widgets aid in our everyday lives, so much so, that the technology behind widgets means that you don’t have to upd ate your clocks when they go forwards or backwards… The process is automatic and it’s this gift that Altenar is extending to its operators and clients. 

So, what can Altenar’s content widgets do for the sports betting industry? 

Widgets: The Nifty Tech Of Today

Utilising widget technology is one of Altenar’s strong points, amongst hosting several data providers, a strong risk management service, a plethora of sports content both live and virtual and as always, a warm smile from its sportsbook experts. 

So, why are Content Widgets one of Altenar’s light-bulb ideas? Let’s take a closer look at why the small, somewhat square-box idea actually thinks outside of the box… 

  • Content Widgets allow operators to embed Altenar’s sports content in a variety of positions - from online properties owned by the operator (landing pages) to any external, third party websites. 
  • Altenar’s content widgets allow operators to replace sportsbook components with custom widgets that are managed from the operator's side. This increases, tremendously, the front end customisation and flexibility per individual brand requirements. 
  • Content widgets create a more immersive betting experience for customers by displaying stats, scoreboard, animations and popular bets, creating a greater interface.  
  • Altenar’s Content Widgets aim to create a new FE framework based on the widgets architecture while improving the UX.

These amazing features are se t to revolutionise how bettors interact with sports betting technologies and further their experience to one that’s unrivalled in the industry. 

If you’re looking to harness the forward-thinking and innovative software behind the blue light of Altenar, a sportsbook software provider, you can contact the team today by visiting the website and requesting a chat or a demo. 

The friendly sportsbook experts at Altenar look forward to hearing from you soon, on why you’d like to enhance your user experience with them and what else they can offer to you, on top of Content Widgets. 

Altenar is wh ere stability meets flexibility and Content Widgets are simply one key aspect of that mantra. 

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