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Altenar’s Sports Betting Terminal For Your In-Land Gaming Needs

Altenar, for the most part, is known for its tremendous iGaming sportsbook that brings the worlds of forward-thinking technology and betting on much-loved sporting events together for a host of bettors, gamers and sports lovers around the globe. 

Though, as Altenar has always strived to create accessibility to its sports betting software, it makes sense that the minds behind the several-data-provider sportsbook would make terminals for those countries where in-land gaming is still preferred due to the high-cost aspect of data charging. 

Terminals have allowed Altenar to share the world’s most popular iGaming vertical with countries that otherwise might not have had access to this type of gaming. 

Sports traverse the globe and it isn’t just a kick-about or a game of Cricket that draws the magic for players. Sports betting adds a layer of closeness to the games bettors love and with the growing need for Altenar’s terminal, the countries that need access to a point-of-reference can achieve this. 

So, what can players look forward to with Altenar’s terminal? 

Let’s take a look…

Altenar’s Sports Betting Bridges The Tech Gap

The need for tech access grows daily, in almost every niche aspect of life from socio-economic to sports betting and it’s these aspects that spur-on the growth of technology and how it can be applied in different ways to adhere to specific countries. 

For instance, to bridge the gap of access to computers Raspberry Pi’s, a series of ultra-small single-board computers, were developed by the Raspberry Pi Foundation, in association with Broadcom, to help bring a budget-friendly technology to the masses. This is akin to what Altenar is doing by creating terminal-based access to its otherwise online-accessible sportsbook. 

In creating a terminal that allows players to add credit via physical money, place bets on a plethora of sports events from football to basketball, run a series of ticket checks from ‘won’, ‘lost’ and ‘already paid’ to being able to view ticket overviews and the withdrawal balance, Altenar’s software implemented terminals will transform how countries interact with Altenar’s sportsbook and most importantly, being able to access the entertainment content they most enjoy. 

The terminal prints and scans ticket barcodes to ensure that traditional aspects of betting and gaming are withheld, all the while offering Altenar’s trademarked state-of-the-art software that has adorned them with international accolades and awards. 

Keep your eyes peeled for Altenar’s terminals and if you’re an operator looking to access the newest sports betting technology, in a country where it’s most needed, you can access the world-renowned software of Altenar and should contact its passionate professionals today. 

You can find Altenar on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Altenar's website where a host of case studies, features and a demo can be found at your request. 

Altenar is where stability meets flexibility and as a result, you could be one of the top operators in your country with Altenar’s terminal and software. 

Contact Altenar today and learn why they’re your sportsbook provider of choice. 

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