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Altenar’s 2022 Success With Insights From The Sportsbook Provider’s End-Of-Year All Hands Meeting

At the end of 2022 Altenar prepared to review its successes that has seen the sportsbook software provider become ‘one of the top sportsbook solutions provider’ around the world, with global historic and new markets added to its growing client base.

2022 was a year of growth, new features, new hires and overall expansion for Altenar and this article will demonstrate the achievements of different teams within the sportsbook software provider. 

Taken from the company’s all hands meeting, here is what Altenar’s CEO, COO and management had to say on 2022 at Altenar and the nostalgic reverence this 2022’s growth has had on the sportsbook software provider. 

“We’ve increased our sales more than 50% and the company has also grown organically in an expected fashion. In this year we’ve had company wide security certification, launches of new products/features, tier-one customers, opening new offices and more. I think the key to this is Altenar’s ability to adapt to the unknown or the ability to adapt to a changing environment, and still be able to come out of it in a strong way and I think that’s what we’ve (Altenar) done this year.” - Stanislav Silin, CEO & Co-Founder 

“Staying dynamic, keeping a growing team, keeping the quality in everything we do will see us continue our growth in 2023. Altenar Challenges the status quo inherently throughout the company and each individual which is amazing.” - Stanislav Silin, CEO & Co-Founder 

“2022 has been a challenging and interesting year and I see an even more interesting 2023 for Altenar. We set some targets last year and well, we’ve done fairly well in achieving those. We needed to make plans in early 2022 and how we would move forward/achieve those, and inside our corporation we promised to have one of the best sportsbooks in the world and I can actually say that we have one of the best products in the world.” - Dinos Stranomitis, COO & Co-Founder 

“For 2023 we want to say ‘we are the best sportsbook in the world’!” - Dinos Stranomitis, COO & Co-Founder 

“I would like to start by Thanking everyone in Altenar for the success of our year and the product, as it’s the design and dedication of every team that has achieved what we have witnessed this year. We commissioned SB1 and have managed to move our clients to SB2 - which has seen significant growth in terms of sportsbook turnover. In January we had 25 million bets per month and now we have reached 50 million bets per month.” - Antonis Karakousis, Director of Operations 

“We have achieved expansion to new territories and continued success in our historic markets. Enhanced marketing tools, like early payout, the production of our segmentation profile/user profiles for real time numbers/information, the revamped Cashout feature, Bet Builder and our Terminal project  which has seen more than 180 points with a full-retail solution which a year ago  was just a proof of concept.”  - Antonis Karakousis, Director of Operations 

“Additionally, another milestone for Altenar, is a new department for the standalone project ‘Altenar Data Feed’ , where we will use our own data to inform our sportsbook - combining this project with the core SB is how we managed to use our data for Bet Builder. This time last year this was not in place or existence and it’s a demonstration of the net achievement for 2022.” - Antonis Karakousis, 

“Altenar’s native mobile app (MOA) has been a great success. It was also a project that a year ago was proof of concept.” - Antonis Karakousis, Director of Operations 

“The application of widget technology to our front end and the creation of any skin is very close to automation and this is a great success for Altenar in 2022.” - Albert Urbanovich, Head of UX Design

“As part of Altenar Gaming Platform, we have introduced new features, products, added self-exclusion and responsible gaming tools with great success.” - Liliia Alenina, Head of AGP product management.

“For tech operations, we have been successful in building our capabilities in terms of people, we set a goal to scale out and I’m happy to see in almost all areas we have a lot of interesting people who are making a difference to their respective teams and the company. The automation team scaling in membership and organisation is one specific point of success I’d like to touch on.” - Konrad Pizzuto, Director of Technology Operations

“The Altenar Intelligence Platform (AIP) will deliver high-impact analytics and insights to Altenar. We have been doing a lot of learning this year and one of the key moments was the deployment of our liability reporting tool which is a real-time data streaming application which has the capacity to process millions of bets per hour. From a data science perspective we have some very exciting machine learning applications that are currently being developed in the AIP platform, such as market abnormality detection, player segmentation, behaviour pattern analysis, and user-specific recommendations.”- Darren Willenberg, Senior Data Analyst  

“In terms of company presence: new offices, bigger presence in the isle of man, where we see the expansion of a great team ethic and we aim to maintain this culture as we scale. We’ve increased our headcount by 600% (IOM) alone.”  - John Quaye, CFO

Here’s to a more successful 2023 as Altenar welcomes new team members, a growing portfolio of products and features and expands its global footprint with a dynamic, quality-driven and competitive workforce. 

Discover more about Altenar, its people, products, services and open job positions today by visiting the Altenar’s website

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