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Altenar Becomes An ICAEW Training Employer! John Quaye Speaks On This Important Step

John Quaye, Altenar’s CFO, shed light on what becoming an ICAEW certified training employer means for Altenar and any future students, who would enter the in-house training under John’s tutelage. 

As a company with expertise in sales, marketing, engineering, software development and accounting, training employees can witness the vast scope of the businesses they’ll likely experience throughout their careers. 

In training a well-rounded, dedicated and passionate individual, John and Altenar are furthering its inherent values of nurturing its employees' and offering opportunities to help them reach their potential. 

John had the following to say when he was interviewed on achieving the ICAEW accreditation. 

What drove you, and by large Altenar, into becoming a training employer under the ICAEW institute?

As a Chartered Accountant and Member of the ICAEW I’ve always valued the training I’ve had. Being able to offer those same opportunities at Altenar, when traditionally only practising firms of accountants could offer such training, is great for our new employees. 

What was the acceptance/training process for becoming certified?

Becoming a training firm is a commitment to uphold the ethical and professional values of the ICAEW. We’ve had to show that this is a responsibility we take seriously and that we can deliver appropriate training to students so that they develop the necessary skills in a supportive environment.

How does becoming a training employer benefit future trainee accountants coming to work at Altenar?

The Chartered Accountancy qualification is globally recognised and offers students the opportunity to develop skills that will be with them for life. 

Promoting talented, ethical and committed professionals, how do you believe your first candidate will align with the global ICAEW standards and the professional and forward-thinking culture of Altenar?

We’re looking for a candidate with a strong academic record who has the potential to be an excellent ICAEW student as a result. We’re looking forward to seeing this person, and any that follow, develop their skills and become an integral part of our finance team.

What are the benefits of offering in-house training to such a high quality?

Altenar’s greatest asset is its people. Developing our team is a great investment as we look to the future of the business and continue to grow.

What can future trainees look forward to when training with Altenar and yourself?  

Working in a professional, supportive and fast paced environment with the ability to get involved across many aspects of the business, Altenar should be a great place for any budding Chartered Accountant to learn!  

You can discover more about this programme and sportsbook solutions by contacting the Altenar team today!

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