A Staple Of Growth In Sports Betting: A Look At Altenar’s Glowing Statistics

A Staple Of Growth In Sports Betting: A Look At Altenar’s Glowing Statistics

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Altenar, the sportsbook software provider, has grown in popularity and recognition around the world since its sport betting software entered the market. Growing exponentially fr om year to year, with more operators in a vast collection of countries by the day and a continued bespoke service that appears to be unrivalled, Altenar is quickly becoming the sportsbook provider of choice around the world. 

With access to several data providers, shorter result-latency, a customisable front-layer, a manual back-end and a 24/7 risk management service … Altenar’s success is sustainable which has been demonstrated by countless years of undeniable achievement. 

Due to this growing success, it might be key to view some of Altenar’s amazing statistics and figures that demonstrates the kind of growth Altenar has witnessed as a leading sportsbook provider for many iGaming partners, whether that’s Esports or betting on horse racing … Altenar has helped countless operators to achieve new levels of success. 

It’s In The Numbers

From 2019 to 2021 the total number of bets placed via Altenar’s sportsbook showed some interesting percentages. 

In 2019 the percentage of bets placed held at 159.7% which is slowly increasing as the move to online betting instead of in-land betting climbed to new heights. 

As of 2020 the betting percentage dipped just over 40% due to the pandemic, however, with an initial decrease the sports betting  market recovered exponentially in 2021 with a percentage of 149.9%, slowly recovering from the hit of the pandemic. 

Interestingly, the pandemic might have initially witnessed and caused a decrease in betting but the shift to at-home living, working and entertainment drastically increased the need for online gambling and sports betting which is predicted to reflect in Altenar’s 2022 annual data. 

However, against the number of bets placed the percentage of new clients for Altenar didn’t see the same percentage dip, in fact, client numbers rose throughout the same time period; 2019 - 2021.

New Clients, New Success 

From 2019 to 2021, the percentage of new clients increased by 56%, over half, and that is outstanding because it demonstrates that the global need for online sports betting is in high-demand and continually growing as well. 

Altenar is well-equipped for expansion and change and this is how the stability-meets-flexibility mantra-holding sportsbook provider has survived many years on the iGaming market. 

In 2019 Altenar held a percentage of 110.9% of new clients, which grew to 127.3% in 2020 and grew exponentially in 2021 to 266.5%. These numbers showcase the ever-growing need for online access to sports betting.

A Projection Of Altenar’s Future

With Altenar growing year by year and a healthy return, resurgence and new-adoption of the online sports betting industry, the growth potential for Altenar is astronomical. 

The world adopts sports betting in new ways and its sportsbook software providers, like Altenar, that create a unique and sustainable product for operators and their customers.

You can find Altenar via its website, wh ere you can request a demo of their sportsbook software and speak to a passionate and knowledgeable professional to start your journey with Altenar. 

In the words of Altenar ‘let’s talk!’

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