A Look At Altenar’s Security & Functional Evaluations | Update

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Altenar, the sportsbook software provider routinely undergoes internal and external audits and evaluations to ensure the product, services and software product are in line with global, local and required standards of the regulated jurisdictions.

As a result, operators need to know that Altenar takes its certifications and licence seriously, and is proactive in remaining above-board and as a tier-one service provider for the iGaming market. 

In fact, one finds numerous regulatory frameworks and methodologies as to how  states regulate gambling and great regulation is seen across global markets as a direct response to safer gaming aims. Notwithstanding this, it is fundamental that the igaming companies abide by and comply with the fundamental freedoms established globally.

So, what has Altenar recently updated to ensure operators are receiving the best care, product and services? 

Engaging In Security Audits

The Altenar  Information Security and Technical Compliance team has strong bonds with different independent test labs in order to fulfil its regulatory obligations in the different jurisdictions they operate. Altenar has just completed another round of yearly audits to renew the gaming software certifications for the jurisdictions of

  • Sweden 
  • Denmark 
  • Romania 
  • Colombia 
  • Bulgaria
  • Portugal

Altenar being covered by the ISO 27001 certification is an achievement that strengthens the status quo of the company in the security sector.  Altenar has also recently obtained a gaming licence in Ontario, Canada.

You can discover more about Altenar’s ISO certification, other regions of operation and how to harness its tier one sportsbook software by contacting the team today!

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