4 Most Important Things To Consider When Choosing A Sports Betting Provider

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Knowing the five most important things to consider when choosing a sports betting provider can be a difficult task, especially when there is likely a host of articles, Youtube videos and much more content out there telling you exactly what to look for but most of it holding little relevance to the provider and its solutions you’ll likely choose in the end. 

For this reason, Altenar, a sportsbook solutions provider, has compiled a list of the most important things to consider when choosing a betting solutions provider, and as a globally recognised, award-winning provider, Altenar knows the ins-and-outs of its industry like few others. 

This article will outline the key points to consider when choosing a sportsbook solutions provider, and how ensuring these five aspects are in place for your iGaming business can spell a future of success for your blossoming business. 

Reputation & Trustworthiness | Knowing Your Betting Solution Provider 

As a sportsbook solution provider, Altenar has gained a positive reputation throughout many betting regions and continuously increases its trustworthiness with a host of global operators and their players. 

This level of reputation and trust-filled partnerships stem from a plethora of aspects for Altenar, from a clear and well-designed customer support experience, customisable solutions that allow for greater brand identification and resulting player acquisition, as well as many global partners who experience great success with Altenar’s sports betting solution.

While you’re looking for a sportsbook provider, be sure to check out who in the industry speaks highly of the company you have selected, and who speaks negatively. This often allows you to gauge the quality of the product and service you’ll receive. 

Business Support | The Rule Of Three: Communication, Communication, Communication 

Altenar, a sportsbook solution provider, has ample experience within the sportsbook and iGaming world, with a vast and always-expanding knowledge on a host of betting markets and regions, and as a result, the provider has refined and defined its business support practices over the years.

You can discover more about Altenar by contacting the team today, or visiting the sportsbook solutions provider at one of many global expos throughout the year. 

Let’s take a look at how ensuring a provider has great business support, best practices and essentials in place will benefit your iGaming business. 

  • Establishing Communication Channels 

  • Resolving any Issues Promptly

  • Keeping Clients Informed

  • Empathising With Clients

  • Conducting follow Ups

  • Trained Customer Support Members

Altenar offers its operators a dedicated Account Manager who will help you with the below… 

  • Knows & understands your company’s goals & needs

  • Offers you strategic expertise to improve your business

  • Responds promptly

  • Communicates with you extensively about the project

  • Setting up accounts

  • Access to an industry/market/product expert

  • Helps to improve end-user satisfaction

  • Can help to increase revenue 

  • Build long-term business relationships to better tailor your product and services

Variety of Betting Markets & Sports Content | Sports Content Is King 

Altenar’s sportsbook solution is a global must-have and allows operators the flexibility to scale their business through multi-jurisdictional operations, as well as offering a wealth of global betting and technology knowledge. You can discover more about Altenar’s global markets here.

Ensuring that your chosen provider has a varied offering should be at the top of your must-have list.

With this in mind, Altenar offers premium and official data feeds through direct agreements with companies such as Betradar, Bet Genius, IMG and Stats Perform who ensure the seamless content of leagues like the NBA, NFL, MLB, UEFA, horse & greyhound racing, tennis and much more.

Ensuring that your business will offer the best content and real-time data, while boasting quick-to-market data, multiple feeds, and exclusivity, Altenar is the only go-to provider for you. With a lack of reliance on single feeds, Altenar can offer something different for you and your players.

Sportsbook Tools & Features | Player Retention 101

Altenar offers a comprehensive and competitive selection of sportsbook tools and features  for its operators and their players, increasing overall player retention rates.

As an operator looking for a sports betting provider, ensuring you’re maximising your businesses potential with player-demanded content is a must!

Below is an outline of Altenar’s tools and features, however, if you’re looking for more insight into the features, contact the award-winning team today.

  • Early Payout

  • Bore Draw 

  • 0% Margin development on brand level

  • Variety of campaign types 

  • Custom campaigns for VIPs

  • Extensive rollover settings

  • 24/7 coverage

  • Enhanced profitability 

  • Cashback on user demand through the betslip

  • Can be on pre-live events + risk free bet for the same event once it goes live.

  • Conditions for voiding bets or Early Payout (0-0 on soccer/football) / (2-0 on soccer/football or 20+ on basketball).

User-Friendly | Customisation, Ease of Use & State-Of-The-Art Technology

Over its years in the iGaming market Altenar, a leading supplier of sportsbook software, has gathered a tremendous amount of market, player, and technological expertise and knowledge allowing the provider to contribute heavily to the advancement of technology within the iGaming sphere.

Using widget technology in its front-end interface, Altenar has not only given a variety of international operators and their users new levels of personalisation but also made it possible for a more reliable and automated experience overall resulting in happy players - a must for many operators.

So, how does widget technology benefit you and your players, and why should this be one of your top five priorities when choosing a sports betting provider? Let’s take a look … 

  • Content Widgets allow operators to embed Altenar’s sports content in a variety of positions to better suit their players’ needs.

  • Altenar’s content widgets allow operators to replace sportsbook components with custom widgets that are managed from the operator's side. This increases tremendously, the front-end customisation and flexibility per individual brand requirements. 

  • Content widgets create a more immersive betting experience for customers by displaying stats, a scoreboard, animations and popular bets, creating a greater interface.  

  • Altenar’s Content Widgets aim to create a new FE framework based on the widgets architecture while improving the UX.

You can discover more about Altenar’s payment options, sportsbook services and technologies by contacting the team today!  

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