Fully-integrated PAM

About Player Account Management

The PAM is powered by data analysis which tracks activities across the site and helps to increase revenue as well as user experience:
  • Full control for the player behaviour and intentions (e.g. registration, game play, etc).
  • Significant, fraudulent, bots-generated events monitoring. Examples of these include huge wagers/wins, consecutive failed payment or log-in attempts, players with shared IP addresses, changes made to the player's sensitive data.
  • Cross-functional game performance analysis (e.g. per game category, per game provider, per individual game), including actual RTP tracking.
Enhanced campaign tools are available to attract more players and provide a unique experience for existing players:
  • Different type of bonuses include bonus money, free spins, cash back
  • Various bonus triggers include registration, deposit, first deposit, any other patterned player activity.
Responsible gaming and regulatory compliance tools release the burden of licensed operation:
  • Reports are fully aligned with the regulatory requirements
  • Automatic data sending to regulators on a daily basis
  • Enhanced additional reporting in order to serve any unexpected request from the regulator.

Full control over player behaviour and fraudulent activity, as well as enhanced reporting ensures regulatory compliance and responsible operation.

Granular tracking of game performance combined with the campaign tools enhances player attraction and retention.

KYC solution

The player verification solution, provided by Sumsub, integrated with the platform user journey, ensures:

  • User documents and liveness verification
  • User tools verification (email, phone, etc)
  • AML screening (PEP / sanction / adverse media / compromised person checks)
  • Fraud and transaction monitoring

In-house front-end and CMS

The in-house website front-end, combined with in-house CMS, provides the following:

  • Extensive SEO management and site settings
  • Blog management
  • Multi-language support
  • Customised menus, pages, banners and promotions

Marketing tools

In-house affiliate tool provides:

  • Affiliate tracking with click ID and postback sending
  • Various commission plans (revenue share, cost per acquisition, hybrid, flat fees, etc)
  • Enhanced reporting and user monitoring

CRM system

Integration of a market-leading customer relationship management solution - provided by Fast Track - enhances engagement with multi-channel and automation capabilities, reducing non targeted bonus costs, increasing operational team productivity and providing scalability without regulatory concerns.

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