Our updates

Wplay was the first operator to receive an online gaming licence from the regulator in Colombia, which also happened to be the first South American country to introduce a regulated gambling market. As soon as we heard that Coljuegos had approved the legislation, Wplay became our number one priority. Alongside our client, we raised the bar for the Colombian market having developed a sportsbook which appealed to the average punter. Our product was not just about differentiating the offering for Latin America as a whole, but it also placed a significant focus on the differences within the region itself.

Altenar decided to move away from what other providers were doing - with many trying to force European sportsbook styles on to the Colombian market. Instead, we listened to local expertise and created a fully-managed “Sportsbook for Wplay”, including a tailored live streaming solution. Acting not just as a provider but also a business consultant, Altenar has supported a transition for Wplay from start-up to a market leader in Colombia, where it now holds 50% of the market share.