Tips For Sports Betting Operators Looking For A New Sportsbook Provider | Altenar

Tips For Sports Betting Operators Looking For A New Sportsbook Provider | Altenar

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When looking for the right sportsbook software provider it can be easy to dive in at the deep end and potentially not receive the tailor-made experience, expertise and content that some providers offer in abundance … much akin to Altenar, a sports betting software provider. 

As the world of sports betting and iGaming continues to grow, day-by-day, the need for tailor-made software is on the rise, as operators are wanting to stand out fr om the crowd. This is wh ere Altenar’s features, software and forward-thinking technologies come into play and create unique-to-you sportsbooks best for your needs and your players' wants.

There are some key tips on what to look for when searching for the right provider for you and Altenar has written them in one easy-to-use article…

Sports Betting Tips Taking Operators To New Heights  

Sports Betting opens a host of opportunities for operators, especially those new to the market or bookies looking to make that all-important jump fr om offline to online, and it’s in this strive for something new that many Operators know what they want, just not how to find the right sports betting software provider … The choice can be difficult. 

Following the beneath list will ensure you are on the right track to choosing the right sportsbook software provider for you…


It’s important that a sports betting software provider can easily demonstrate a proof-of-history or proof-of-work wh ere its value, software and experience have been implemented by other operators around the world. This offers you a unique insight into the adaptability of a sportsbook software provider, as each market offers its niche aspects to how they like to game, regulations and preferred content. 

Deposits, withdrawals and access 

Discover what a provider can offer you and your customers in terms of deposit making - whether that’s via bank transfer, top-up cards, or tickets. How a player will make withdrawals through your sportsbook software and the type of access points available to you and your players. The latter is often highly dependent on your market’s geographic location and how your players traditionally consume online content … That can be through terminal use, desktop and mobile … All of which are offered through Altenar’s sportsbook software. 

Customer service and support

Aftercare, customer service and support are the nuts and bolts of prolonged success because operators have access to their software provider if any problem or change needs to occur. It’s through this kind of support and service that Altenar has witnessed tremendous success and long-standing relationships within the sports betting field. Many partnered operators enjoy their relationship with Altenar and for that reason, have been years-long clients of the sportsbook software provider. With access to 24/7 support Altenar’s clients know they have chosen a top-of-the-range provider to help grow their businesses. 

Mobile friendly

As the world becomes more digital and the evergreen nature of the digital age, many operators will need a mobile-friendly sportsbook, whether that’s for those betting on the go or in markets where mobile data can be expensive a provider needs to be adaptable. Altenar is a mobile-first software provider, and with the small screen in mind with the big product at heart, Altenar’s team have created a flexible and stable product that can traverse any market terrain.  

Licensing and regulation 

One deciding factor for your sportsbook choice should be the licences they hold and the regulations they adhere to, this is a tremendous sign of dedication to the sports betting world and safer gaming that underpins the level of enjoyment and fun your players will experience through sportsbooks like the one created by Altenar. 

 Want to discover more about Altenar’s sportsbook software? Contact the passionate team today to apply these tips and services to your new sportsbook!

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