Time Series Forecasting | Predicting Future Values With Altenar’s Data Analytics Team

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Altenar’s Data Analytics team is not only a team of tech-savvy and data-driven thinkers, but, they’re also a team of storytellers; taking historical behavior of data and analysing its patterns and variables to predict future trends and values. 

Part of this data storytelling is Time Series Forecasting, which is extremely beneficial to sports betting solutions providers like Altenar. In analyzing historical data (player performance, weather conditions, game results) models can be developed that can predict the outcomes of future events, games, and leagues. Essentially, providers increasingly have accurate odds for bettors and increase their overall satisfaction with a sportsbook product. 

In addition to that, Time Series Forecasting can be used in real-time during ongoing events to update and refine predictions as new data becomes available. As a result, providers could include live data feeds such as in-game statistics. 

In identifying patterns and trends that may not be immediately apparent, Time Series Forecasting can lead to better insights for a host of Data Analytics teams and can drastically improve overall profitability. 

An overview of the benefits from implementing Time Series Forecasting models into sports betting businesses: 

  • Increased decision-making

  • Improved resource allocation 

  • Competitive advantages 

  • Early warnings: can identify potential problems before they occur

  • Improved planning

  • Improved accuracy on predictions 

  • Real-time adjustment

If you’re looking to harness Altenar’s forward-thinking technologies and a breadth of industry know-how, contact the award-winning sportsbook provider today! 

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