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The Importance Of Altenar Sponsoring Local Sports Events In The Isle of Man | With Comments From Manx CFO John Quaye

Altenar’s John Quaye, CFO, understands the importance and parallels of sports in the world of business and how an opportunity to sponsor local events like the upcoming football match between FC Isle of Man vs Vauxhall Motors (21st January) and the August 13th Isle of Man Half and Full Marathon is highly beneficial to local communities and bolsters work/life benefits and opportunities for local people. 

Interestingly, the 2019-founded F.C. IOM is a semi-professional club based in Douglas IOM, competing in the North West Counties League Premier Division (the 9th tier of English football). 

The team played their inaugural match at their home ground, The Bowl and triumphantly won their match against Guernsey F.C. taking home the newly formed Skipton Cup. Being a club that covers the cost of visiting clubs’ and match officials’ travel and hotel expenses for the games. This dedication to succeeding and building on their skill and entrance into the English league pyramid is admirable and inspiring. 

The Manx (IOM) marathon started in 1977 on a course in Ballasalla which is found on the south of the island and moved to the existing course (Ramsey) in 1980. The latter year saw the first ladies' race and Margaret Lockley remains the fastest time to complete at 2:53:15. The men’s record was held at 2:27:42 by Steve Kelly in 1983. 

Altenar’s resident marathon runner, John, finished the race 5 times and was the Manx championship winner in 2019.

You can discover John’s sentiments on the topic ahead of the Altenar-sponsored events below.

What is the importance of events like these for local communities?

“FC Isle of Man is a relatively new organisation being the first Isle of Man team to enter the English League system, meanwhile the Isle of Man Marathon and half Marathon has been a long standing event.”

“FC Isle of Man has given footballers from the Isle of Man the opportunity to play at a higher level and give them the opportunity to potentially progress in the English Leagues, attracting good local crowds. The Isle of Man Marathon is the only regular road marathon taking place each year in the Isle of Man and is a real community event but also attracting runners from around the world.”

Why is it important to see companies like Altenar sponsor these events?

“Without corporate sponsorship, a lot of the local events/organisations would struggle and ultimately it is our staff and their families who benefit from a strong social community. It also reinforces Altenar’s commitment to a strong work/life balance and aspiring to be successful in whatever endeavour you choose.”

How long has the event been running/ how has it impacted the local community?

“Playing football locally (now long retired) and as a regular marathon runner, both football and running are passions of mine and so the desire to help support these events felt very natural.”

You came to Altenar with this idea, to sponsor local events where their offices are, what drove this initiative for you?

“I think it’s important that Altenar contributes to the local community where it can and be an active part of life wherever it operates.”

Sport is a prevalent force or presence in your life, what are the benefits of getting involved in local sports groups and do you think this extends into betting/ other sport-related pastimes?

“Sporting events have a natural connection to Altenar in our line of work. As a company we are passionate about sport and this is a small way of giving back.” 

“Personally, being involved in team sports has parallels to business. You have to work together based on everyone’s strengths to achieve a desired goal. Marathon running is obviously a more solitary pursuit but being able to dig in when the going gets tough and remaining focused, again is an important life lesson!”

You can discover more about events like these and dedication to local causes on Altenar’s blog/ social media accounts and discover Altenar’s sportsbook solutions by contacting the team today.

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