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Getting To Know Altenar’s CFO, John Quaye, Through A Series Of Questions

Tell us about Altenar’s Isle of Man office?


The Isle of Man office is our corporate headquarters and our centre for finance, legal and compliance across the Altenar group. We are currently seeking to build the team in line with Altenar’s growth and have recruited, and are seeking to recruit a number of key roles.


What are the benefits of being Headquartered in the Isle of Man?


We recognise that the Isle of Man is a great place to do business with a strong reputation, political stability and is highly supportive of the e-gaming industry. Access to a well skilled and experienced employment market as well as having the same experience in supporting sectors such as legal and accountancy, are all a major draw.


How is Altenar looking to develop its presence in the Isle of Man?


Looking at key areas of the business as we grow and bringing in the right staff is critical. With that in mind we’ve recently become an Institute of Chartered Accountants of England and Wales training employer and are looking at other opportunities to raise awareness of the Altenar brand. Altenar prides itself on being a supportive and inclusive employer.


What attracted you to join Altenar as Chief Financial Officer?


It was obvious to me from the outset that the leadership team at Altenar have a strong vision for Altenar to grow and develop further as a first in class provider of sportsbook services. Being the first C-Suite outside hire and having the ability to influence the future path of a dynamic and fast growing company was hugely appealing. 


What role will you perform as CFO?


John will drive the financial strategy of the Altenar group, building a team underneath him that can support the pace of growth we are seeking to achieve. The CFO is highly visible and a sign of our ambitions to continue to scale the business.


Please list 2-3 key highlights from your role during your time at Altenar?

Whilst still relatively new to Altenar, what struck me was the strong team environment across multiple jurisdictions. Altenar is a company made up of many experts in different fields coming together to deliver a great product with a great service. There is a real pride in what we do and we celebrate Altenar’s successes as a team. 

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